Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Job In Jeopardy

Who knew we would have another Job In Jeopardy so soon? Once again the highly trained personnel at the corporate offices of MLGTTU are more than happy to point a finger at another person in the public eye who can't wait to become an unemployed statistic. 
Funny how you can get burned when you stand too close to the fire. But toast is what Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen is soon going to be. I predict his job security is at or near DefCon One. And the silos are unlocked and loaded.
          While the rest of the world has written off BP CEO Tony Hayward as the premiere bullshit artist of the 21st century, Admiral Thad [is that pronounced TH-ad or is the H as useless as tits on a bull?] is standing by his man. Too close I'm afraid.      
          In fact, I predict he is close enough to becoming terminally singed. And the president, who is mad as hell over this BP fiasco, albeit in his calm, cool, and collected way, is not about to have him resuscitated. 
          For some reason, the Admiral has actually used the word "TRUST" to describe his relationship with Hayward. Again and again. Despite plenty of opportunities to throw that fop in the brown bangs under the bus. Apparently Thad no longer reads the papers, watches TV, or surfs the internet. 
          I smell early retirement. 
You can read about all the poop piling up here:

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