Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm sure this picture is a fake. Nobody could ever be THAT stupid. Right?


Wil said...

Probably is fake, but consider. This IS Louisiana, where I spent 12 hours today working outdoors in temperatures that went as high as 98°F. in the shade with 56% humidity (my ponytail felted itself from just the ice water rags I was using on my neck!). Surfing is an art form and a disease. I used to swim with surfers. In March. Off the south shore of Long Island, NY. at Jones Beach in 20' to 25' combers. In a shorty wet suit because my best friend was wearing my full wet suit to surf. In 58° water. For hours. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The final damning bit of evidence to consider. He's male, under 25 and thinks he is invincible. I was that way once upon a time. Now I just burn to a crisp and contemplate others' stupidity.

So yes, Mrs. L., he COULD be that stupid.

Patrick said...

I'm sure it's fake.

But would it surprise me if someone really were that stupid? Not at all! :)

Des's big daddy said...

I'm thinking he won't have to wax his surfboard for a long, long time.