Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Call 1-800-WALGREENS and Ask For Riding Carts For Disabled and Elderly Shoppers

Walgreen's annoys me -- let me count a couple of ways. 

They make millions off the prescriptions of the elderly population in this country. But!

1. They refuse to provide riding carts for people with disabilities or the elderly. WHY do they do this? Because there is no law that says they have to provide carts. More evidence that corporate America cannot be expected to do the right thing without legislation to make them do it. 

Their excuse to me each time I have called 800-WALGREENS at their corporate headquarters is that the aisles are too narrow. CVS has the same policy by the way.
          This is however, not the case in any new stores I have been in. And frankly, many of their old stores have wide enough aisles. 

The aisles are wide enough to accommodate full-sized carts, 
so they can accommodate riding carts, too.

          I am reminded of the Whole Foods' store located at the base of Whole Foods' multi-storied corporate headquarters building in Austin, Texas. Like most grocery stores around the country, they provide riding carts for those who can't walk around easily while shopping. They do this, despite the fact there are places that are barely wide enough to let a cart get through. Somehow they figure the person on the cart will manage. Worked for me when I was on crutches.

2. Walgreen's has the most confusing promotional offers. 

Lately, they've been touting their new rewards system -- the Balance Card -- based on points for products you buy. But, as usual, they make it confusing. For instance, from the posted signage, it would seem that you get 750 points for purchasing a single can of soup. But in print the size of protozoa, right above the 750 points, it says you have to buy 4 cans. Not only that, but the cash register doesn't have a designation for 50 points. Go figure. So I got 800 points, when all was said and done. I think after 250,000 points you get a free tube of toothpaste.

And I can't say enough bad things about Walgreen's new house brand, NICE. 
Starting with the name. Yep, you can now purchase Nice nuts, 
Nice soups, Nice popcorn. How nice is that? Not so much. 
I've tasted the popcorn and it's anything but nice.


Donna said...

It's nice to know I haven't been missing anything by not shopping at Walgreens.

Tatertawt819 said...

I recently discovered how UN handicapped accessible WALGREENS and other stores are when I had knee surgery have been on crutches for 4 mos now and prob more to go. they looked at me like I was crazy when I said I couldn't crutch on one good leg all the wayback to the pharmacy dept cause no wheelchair cart (teh MGR actually had the NERVE to look me in the face and say ''WE CAN'T AFFORD IT???" UH--WALGREENS SELLS SMALL ONES ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE!! and then asked me to use the drive THRU if I drive up to the drive thru,OH so I guess they will gladly also fill my car w/all the other things I wanted to buy besides a prescription at their drive thru?
on another note don't get me started on pumping gas for the handicapped,--especially if you end up where it won't take your card at the pump for some stupid reason and you have to go all th way inside!! nobody thinks beyond their own needs until they land in that situation.