Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Scouts Have Been As Bad As The Priests

It's been several years since I posted an article [HERE] that I found via Google. The writer rhapsodized about a former boy scout leader in my home town. I found it interesting that I knew people who wouldn't agree with the article, because, like victims of pedophile priests, they didn't think he was such a wonderful person. So I hoped posting the article on my blog would generate some interest and reaction, particularly from people who felt this person was a criminal.

And it did -- on both sides. The comments revealed he had a staunch defender. But statutes of limitations and other issues have kept anything from moving forward in any meaningful way.

Now, since the publication of two decades of boy scout pedophile files, one of this scout leader's victims has decided to do something about his experiences with this man, who permanently affected his life from childhood. 

I believe I am correct in saying that the files that have been released by the scouts are about people who were accused, along with cases that were brought forward, between 1965 and 1985. Followed by what the scouts did to keep these predators out of scouting. The scout leader from my home town was active for 50 years. He has victims from the fifties. And, except for years of rumors, he has never been charged. 

I received this email, anonymously, yesterday from someone who read the article I had posted on my blog several years ago:

Dear Mrs. Linklater,
I was sexually abused by Bill Bricker many decades ago. This has preyed on me for a long time and I have finally decided to do something about it.  I would appreciate your contacting Chicago attorney Marc J. Pearlman of Kerns, Frost & Pearlman at his private direct line of 312-261-4554 or via email at and sharing with him what you may know about Bill Bricker and his victims.  After speaking with him, it might be helpful if you could let other victims know about this and suggest to them that they might want to contact him.  Their identities would be known only to him. If you know of circumstances, dates, or places of instances, it will be helpful. This is the website of the law firm:  Thank you very much.

I talked with the attorney, sent him an email about what I knew, and posted the anonymous email on facebook. I am also posting the information here on the chance that anyone who survived the abuse -- since some boys who had been in his troop later committed suicide -- might read my blog and want the name of an attorney to contact. 

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