Friday, October 10, 2014

Bill Bricker Claims Innocence

According to Michael Lewis, Bricker's criminal defense attorney in Traverse City, MI, Bricker has claimed he is innocent of the charges against him. I believe they will be fighting his extradition to Wyoming. In most cases like this, it will be six months to a year before it goes to trial. Meanwhile, because of the criminal charges against him, Bricker will not be allowed to return to the skilled nursing care facility where he was recovering from a heart attack. So he is living with relatives. 

I hope reading Bill Bricker's claims of innocence, despite charges pending from two generations of campers who attended Teton Valley Ranch Camp, is enough to anger more of his victims from Hubbard Woods School and the Boy Scouts. Enough for them to finally come forward and tell the authorities what they experienced. Even if the statute of limitations in Illinois has passed. Call the Wyoming Sheriff's Office @307-733-4052. 

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