Friday, March 26, 2004


The answer is:Stanford.  The question is:  Who did you pick to win it all? In her defense, Mrs. Linklater would like to point out that she still has three teams left in her final four picks -- Georgia Tech, Duke, and Oklahoma State. And she made her picks before a single game was played. So what made her lose her mind and pick Stanford [along with a bunch of other prognosticators who get PAID to make their picks by the way ]. Especially since The Cardinal [is this the PAC 10's version of The Donald?] has been ranked Numero Uno in the region before and lost way early.  This time they had a 27 and ONE record fer crying out loud. Who were they playing --junior high school teams? Doesn't matter, because Mrs. Linklater wasn't fooled by their record. No, she picked them to go all the way because Stanford has a super kid who went to the same high school she did. That's a good enough reason, isn't it?  Apparently not. 



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