Thursday, May 20, 2004

More Troot or Dare

The inquisitive quroboros decided to take a chance on asking Mrs. Linklater the three questions -- all good ones.

1.)  When did you begin referring to yourself in the third person?

Many years ago, Mrs. Linklater [who feels the need to say she was divorced and not sneaking out on her husband] had a boyfriend who was six years younger than she. He started calling her Mrs. Linklater [i.e., Mrs. Robinson] for fun. Also the name just sounded funny to him. It sounds funny to Mrs. Linklater, too. [That old boyfriend had such a fine-tuned funny bone, he went on to write for the Simpsons.] His best friend, to this day, still calls her by that name. 

Soon Mrs. Linklater's girlfriends picked up on it. Finally, Mrs. Linklater even started calling herself Mrs. Linklater. It's somewhat eccentric. Slightly askew. Offbeat. Pretty much who she is. When she starting writing this journal in March, referring to herself in the third person seemed like an ownable affectation she could assume as her own. An old fashioned and gentle way to encourage respect from people who stop by, since she is MUCH older than everyone. Although it seems like she's just scaring the poop out of people. 

2.)  What popular movie star or celebrity do you absolutely hate and why?

Hate is such a strong word.  Mrs. Linklater doesn't have the energy to hate. Movie stars and celebrities aren't worth the effort. Most of the star types Mrs. Linklater has met or worked with have not only been all right, they've been extraordinary -- talented, funny, or smart.

Perhaps disdain is more accurate. Mrs. Linklater has never met the following celebrities. But she doesn't think well of them. Michael Jackson is one. Where there's smoke there's fire. Our prisons and priesthoods are filled with victims of physical and sexual abuse. He may not get out alive if he's convicted.

O.J. is another. Mrs. Linklater is a trained battered women's advocate. He had 23 or the 25 markers of a batterer who murdered his wife.  Kobe -- he's the tip of the pro jock iceberg when it comes to raping women. We should take bets on how long his wife sticks around after the trial is over. 

3.)  If you could go back in time & change things, what other career or occupation wouldyou have chosen?

Mrs. Linklater has had a chance to do a lot of things. She was in the touring company of Second City, she has been a model, an advertising creative director, and a photographer for friends' weddings. She's also a mom -- which she has enjoyed more than all the other occupations. She doesn't feel like she's missed much. If she could do it all over, she might have wanted to be a professional or Olympic athlete -- softball, volleyball, racket sports or cycling. Sports have always been a passion. Ooops, too late.  On reflection, race car driving and flying airplanes would have been fun. Love those jumpsuits.

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quroboros said...

I'm glad you took the bait and good answers!  My ans to #2 would also probably have been Michael Jackson, but then I totally forgot about O.J.  A better selection, I think.. oh uhm, WE think.  WE are so pleased you played the game and tickled OUR fancy.  (I've gone straight past third person into referring to myself in the plural sense like Queen Victoria did!)  ¤Holly