Friday, June 11, 2004

Embrace the Rain

Answer: Send it to its room for a month with no food or WATER.  Tell it to stay there until Mrs. Linklater said it could come out. Question:  If the rain were a person, how would you treat it?

One of Mrs. Linklater's daughters was consulting in Seattle a couple of years ago.

"How can you stand the rain?" Mrs. Linklater asked her.

"In Seattle, you learn to 'embrace the rain'" was her answer. In fact, she never carried an umbrella or wore a raincoat. 

So today, yet another rainy, damp day here in America's heartland, Mrs. Linklater is going borrow from her daughter's philosophy.  She's going to go out and embrace the rain. Give the rain a big darn hug.

Hug the non-stop, never give it a rest, drip drop till you want to scream RAIN.

So here she goes. Out to embrace the wetness of her world. Maybe even kiss it on the cheek.

Nope. Can't do it. Can't hug water. Can't cross that puddle.

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somenuttychic said...

Hehehehe. I generally don't wear a raincoat or bring an umbrella either. Unless of course, it's torrential. Then I either take an umbrella or walk a little faster. :-) I've lived through too much drought to not appreciate rain, even if it is dismal when it's non-stop for days at a time.