Monday, July 5, 2004

AOL J-Land First Anniversary Torch

  Nwanyioma's Journal The

    The Torch is in Chicagoland.
    Mrs. Linklater is pretty cynical about this passing the first anniversary torch thing.
    But she's a team player. And she's willing to give it a shot.
    However, at some point, this entry may disappear because she thinks it's just a little too cutesy.







viviansullinwank said...

Oh Mrs. L  I'm very glad you did display the torch though! If the entry disappears, we can't say that we weren't warned. But I know I saw it here. I'm a witness...a grateful witness to you for this's just a cyber expression of saying you're helping to light the way to the 1st AOL Journals Anniversary celebration.  And I will post your project in the next anniversary updates entry. THanks for doing that!!


somenuttychic said...

Bravo, Mrs. Linklater! Take a bow!

lamove04 said...

Mrs. L:  ____ minds think alike. fill in blank with word of your choice.  The torch thing seems too cutsie to me also, but I am trying to figure out some curmudgeonly way of participating...  oh, and I'll try and get a pic to ya, but 200 pixels? isnt that teensy?  --Albert