Friday, July 30, 2004

Armand's Hell Bent for Greatness Awards

[Lifted from Armand's Journal -- click on "Un-Common Sense" in Other Journals]

For my un-official contribution to AOL's J-Anniversary, I asked past Hell Bent winners to identify their choices for the anniversary edition.  They've put up a great list - with most of the nominees being nominated more than once!

I've never chosen J's based on whether I agree with their politics or not, but based entirely on whether they make me think - whether their J's are audacious, bodacious, raucous and yes, even callous - and most importantly, whether they push Freedom of Speech to the edge.  These new winners are no exception - so get in, sit down, hang on and get ready for some AOL Journal über-pimpin to finish off J-Land's 1st year!

And the winners are...

1. Judith HeartSong
1. Marcia Ellen: Life As It Ought To Be 
1. Mortimer's Cafe 
1. A Contradiction in Terms ... Ingenue

1. Do I AMUSE You?
1. Daily Musings by the crazy redhead 

1. Random Thoughts 
1. Surrounded By Nincompoops 
1. Tank Gurl's Two Cents 
1. What A Difference A Day Makes! 
1. outtabodymommy 
1. Ocean simplicity 
1. All Things Just Keep Getting.. Stranger 
Old Hickory's Weblog 
1. Coming to Terms with Middle Age 
1. the windmills of my mind 
1. On The Tip Of My Wings 
1. What the hell...? 

and a special award for Amy...

Hell Bent for Peace, Love & Rock-n-Roll

1. hippies in yuppieland 


slowmotionlife said...

Armandt's list rocks!!!  :D

armandt said...

Thanks millions for airing the rerun!!  


jevanslink said...

No, no, thank you, Armand.  Even though he didn't make the final list, one of the journals you awarded an early Hell Bent to was Mr. Goddamn Ray of Sunshine, my nomination for the Angst and Aggravation in America award. And the Laugh or I'll Kill You medal. His cynanide comedy makes my day. And I found him through YOU!!  Mrs. L