Friday, July 9, 2004

Weekend Assignment #14

Write a haiku about your most cherished snack food or carbonated beverage.

For Mrs. Linklater, it was a difficult decision.  Cheetos or Peanut M&M's? Today the muse wanted Cheetos. Two haikus of them.


Cheetos Crunchy



The cheese that goes crunch

Orange you glad you love Cheetos

Spring a bag for friends


Empty calories

Winter of Mom's discontent

I crave my Cheetos


cw2smom said...

Great haikus!  I love how you played on the orange!  Lisa

aimeedowd said...

Heh heh.  These were cute.  I like the way you worked the seasons in there!

hsent said...

Cute haiku's!  I like Cheetos too, just don't like the way they turn your hands orange.  Had fun with mine too (licorice), though I'd never written one before.