Friday, August 20, 2004

Gratuitous Girlie Picture

I didn't tell you I was pregnant.  Because that would have been so funny, I couldn't finish this entry. 

My sister-in-law had this darling baby, Ann Marie, not too many weeks ago. I think it only took her an agonizing three days before somebody finally said, maybe we should do a c-section.

Isn't she just a cutsey wootsy cuddle wuddle, though? With such a sweetums poopsie smile! I posted another picture of her when she was born. I'd give you the link, but, being Mrs. Linklater, I don't feel like tracking down the entry right now. 

I haven't had a chance to see her in person yet, because I am so self-absorbed, I just haven't bothered. Since she lives on the right coast and I live on the edge of the middlecoast, it's not like I can just drop in and change a diaper. 

But I'm sure I'll get there before thumbsucking, potty training, crying for no reason, and foot stomping are over. Meanwhile I can just send movies of myself doing aunty-like things such as bleaching my roots and removing that annoying hair from my upper lip.

This warm and fuzzy picture is just one of 7000 that my little brother Dave has taken of Annie Fannie during her first two months. A thoughtful bro, he only sent me the best 487, an admirable amount of restraint for a new father, I think.

She's so brand new I got to thinking about how much she's going to morph as she grows up. From a tiny baby, mewling and puking in her mother's arms [hey Shakespeare wrote that, NOT me] to something that not only eats, sleeps, peeps and poops, but throws food and tantrums. Then starts with the whining. And finally gets pimples, gets pregnant and gets put on probation. Ah, the joys of childhood.

Since both her parents are attorneys, it will be up to me to save her from a life of torts and courts. With my persuasive skills, she'll learn the wonders of a career in professional wrestling. Or perhaps delivering phone books. It's seasonal, but it pays. 

[Meanwhile, I"m saving Remo's journal for bedtime stories and Albert's pictures for fashion tips.] 

I can hardly wait to purchase Annie's first webcam for her twelvth birthday. And show her how to hang it so no one can see it. 

Oh, thank you Auntie Mrs. Linklater -- you shouldn't have!

There's so much I can offer to that lucky kid. Hey, I raised my own children, didn't I! 









indigosunmoon said...

Absolutely adorable!!!  What a cute smile!!!

my78novata said...

what a wonderfuly cute smile. Lori

dbaumgartner said...

What a cutie!  You have to go visit her.  :-)

ann7inflorida said...

She is adorable!!! & one lucky little kid to have such a cool Aunt!!! ~Ann : )

lwhitewave said...

I wish I had an auntie as cool as you!  
You'll definitely have to show her how to post witty comments in her journal...induct her into the "Mrs. Linklater's Guide to the Universe" club when she's exhibited the proper amount of self-absorbtion and twisty world view.  I can't wait!  A whole new generation to look forward to!

Ya know I love ya!

pollysci said...

They let us lawyers breed?  EEK! :D

Babies are so cute.  I miss my early days as an aunt.  My cutie patootie nephew would giggle, coo and flirt.  And when he started pooping and crying, he went back to my sister. ;)

Great picture!  That little girl has personality! :)

~tara :)

judithheartsong said...

how delightfully devilish. As my Virginia says, you can teach her to color outside the lines. Better save Remo's stories for a bit, I'm still having heterosexual nightmares about them.