Monday, September 6, 2004

Is it too much to ask?

1. Is it too much to ask AOL to stop pretending their East Indian tech people really have names like Buddy, Anthony and Keith? 

2. Is it too much to ask AOL to figure out a way for 16 point type in one font to match 16 point type in another.

3. Is it too much to ask AOL to let us see the first names and actual faces of their editors and provide email access to them? [And that's just for starters.]

4. Is it too much to ask AOL to leave well enough alone and stop redesigning the Welcome Screen again and again?

5. Is it too much to ask AOL to have better quality control over their 9.0 optimized CD's which are often corrupt? Don't even talk about the downloads.

6. Is it too much to ask AOL to explain better how to use My FTP Space, Publisher and Easy Designer? Or, at least configure them to work with Macs.

7. Is it too much to ask AOL to list all their journals, so the journalers don't have to do all the work? But it's a good thing we did.

8. Is it too much to ask AOL to send out an opinion questionnaire to all journalers for feedback?

9. Is it too much to ask AOL to acknowledge SloMo and Patrick for their bull's eye summations of the "censorship" problem.

10.  Is it too much to ask AOL to use the TOS with more equanimity?


Add your own "Is it too much to ask?" question. It doesn't have to be about an easy target like AOL;  it can be about Altoids or feminine hygiene spray [that was PG-13] or family members.

Mrs. L






magogos said...

Bravo, Mrs. L. Extermely well said! Unfortunately, it may be too much to ask AOL much of anything: apparently they do not want to engage with those of us who pay the bills. Cynically, Margo

kissofvanity said...

Is it too much to ask Britney and Christina et al to put some damn clothes on, stop grinding and grunting, and just sing already???  It used to be about the music, didn't it?  Somehow we've gotten away from that.

I know sex sells, and performers like Britney and MOST of the rest of them NEED to use sex appeal to camouflage what they lack in talent.  It's not a secret.  After all, it's worked incredibly well for Madonna, but Christina?

Girl, you've got REAL talent.  You don't have to hide behind 'trends' to make up for what ain't there.  It's there!

greyhoundloner03 said...

OhHellNo...LOL..the FTP space might as well be "outer-space"

dbaumgartner said...

Sounds like we should create an advisory board and help AOL understand what the J-Land community should and could be.  Seems they don't quite get it.

judithheartsong said...

oh, #1 just cracked me up.... I too have dealt with this issue with Dell and Microsoft. Out-sourcing at it's very finest!!!!!!!!

faygodaze07 said...

Hahahha... WOOOHOO!! You crack me up. *misty*

slowmotionlife said...

"4. Is it too much to ask AOL to leave well enough alone and stop redesigning the Welcome Screen again and again?"

ROFL!!  I don't know why, but this one made me snicker!  Too true!  Seriously, with all the various issues they have with their programs and obvious improvements needed in the journaling community, couldn't their time be better spent?  How many of us really pay that much attention to the Welcome screen anyway?

A feedback questionaire - Now, THAT would be a good idea.  But something's telling me AOL doesn't really want to know what we have to think.  Sad, but true.

Here are a few things I'd like implemented, since we're on the subject.

1.  I'd like comments to automatically include the commenter's journal address in some form.  I always like to return comments, but it makes it complicated when the person doesn't leave their link or at least post it in their profile.

2.  I'd like to get a REAL written response to emails addressing concerns in AOL-J.  NOT a form letter.

3.  I'd like FTP controls IN our journal somewhere or a direct link from our journals to our FTP space.

4.  I'd like a more user-friendly FTP prog.  I'm a professional and it still took me a while to figure out how to use the stupid thing.  I can't imagine what new users go through.  I'd like to be able to upload, delete, and move files more easily.. and more than just one at a time.

There.. that outta do it for now.  It won't happen.  But I feel better having typed it.  LOL  :)

jevanslink said...

Right on sister!  Mrs. L

lwhitewave said...

Apparently it is too much to ask.  How long ago was it that I sent a query to them requesting more moods??  They NEVER replied!  Thanks so much for letting me send you 30 bucks every month, AOL!

floralilia said...

it's not too much to ask, Mrs. L, but it is too much to expect a response from aol...silly girl.

good entry!