Wednesday, September 15, 2004

My Dream House

My dream house is on top of a mountain in Hawaii. 

It could be on Maui or Kauai, although the big island of Hawaii has more temperate [less tropical] weather for mainlanders, like me, who like a little change of season.

The exterior walls are made of glass on all sides.

There are no walls inside my dream house.  The interior is very large, expansive, and open. Full size trees and many beautiful native Hawaiian plants are growing throughout. 

The lush foliage is all that separates one part of the house from another.

There is a large cylindrical column of black marble in the middle of the house with a gentle waterfall that spills into a Japanese coy pond on one side. 

At the bottom of the marble column on the other side is a fireplace with seating.

The roof rolls back for an unpolluted view of a sky full of stars at night.

And when the moon is out, the house glows with a lovely silvery light.

[I know this all sounds a bit like the lobby of a luxury resort. But they have parrots and I don't.]

Write a paragraph about your dream house.  Start out with "My Dream House Is" --When you finish change "My  Dream House Is" to "I am".  And learn a little about yourself.

The first dream house I built in my mind was totally different.  It was on a bluff in western Michigan overlooking Lake Michigan.  It was warm and comfy, with a huge stone fireplace, big leather chairs, lots of wood floors, cathedral ceilings, and large glass windows that made you feel like the outdoors was indoors. There was also a beautiful view of the sunset from the beach. Then I decided to move my dream house to Hawaii.

Mrs. L





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