Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Okay, if you loved that little personal growth exercise on dream houses, you're going to love this one, too.

Mrs. Linklater is going to list the 100 attributes of her ideal man.  Every time she has done this someone has shown up.  However, at this point in her life, she's not really that interested. But it's such a shame to throw anyone back. Oh, well.

She's only doing this as a public service for all those women who think they know what they want but haven't put it in writing. Just make the list and you'll be surprised [even happy] at who shows up.

Gotta be specific.  Exact.  No options, like blue OR green eyes. Pick the color. Pick his height.

Here's the first 25 or so.  I'll finish later.

[Oh, and all preferences regarding private parts will not be included because this is a family journaling community and the TOS police would love to read me my rights.]

1. 6'4"    2. Thick, salt and pepper hair -- screw that -- DARK    3.  Dark blue eyes  4. Pilot  5. Vet   6.Photographer  7. Ivy league [or equivalent] degree   8. Athletic  9.  Witty, but not sarcastic  10. Able to cook/barbecue  11. Drives a Jeep   12.  Loved his parents  13. Parents are dead  14. Divorced, not involved  15. Has gainfully employed, pleasant, grown children who do not live at home  16. Comfortable in jeans or dressed up, but mostly jeans  17. Non drinker [but not AA]  18. Never smoked 19. Doesn't do drugs  20. Can wash and iron his own clothes  21. Nothing phases him ["She's bringing her dog, okay?"] 22. Goes with the flow ["They want to helicopter over to some island instead, all right?"]   23. Flexible ["Can we do this tomorrow?"]    24. Good relationship with ex-wife ["She's a good mom."]  25. Ex-wife lives way far away ["She's in Africa in the Peace Corps."]  26. Can spell and write [All right, can use SPELLCHECK and write]  27. Entrepreneurial or works in a helping profession  28. Grew up in themidwest   29. Plays a musical instrument   

Okay, more later. . .bet you can hardly wait.

30. Reads the New Yorker and Sports Illustrated -- something other than Maxim  31. Likes all kinds of movies [not just Vin Diesel]  32.  Pro choice  33.  Embraces diversity  34. Sets goals for the year  35. Free of major allergies   36. Doesn't use Viagra  37. Saved someone's life once -- maybe even his own   38. Donates to charity   39.  Has carpenter skills   40. Loves animals [but doesn't consider his dog/cat/iguana his best friend]  41. Knows how to travel on a budget  42. Speaks a foreign language  43. Eclectic musical tastes  44. Likes the theater and museums  45. Doesn't have a beard or mustache [just remembered this]  46. Bigger hands and feet than mine [this, too]  47. Went to another country on a charity mission  48. Loves history  49. Has women friends  50.  Won the lottery  51. Straight, but not narrow  52. Loves chocolate chip cookies  53. Knows how to ride horses  54. Climbed a mountain  55. Went skydiving, river rafting, ballooning or drove a race car [there's only supposed to be one attribute per number, but I couldn't help myself] 

More to come. . .

56. Likes sushi  57. Liberal politics  58. Younger  59. Self-deprecating  60. Workingman's hands  61. Doesn't wear cologne, uses herbal scented soap instead 62. Looks good in a tool belt  63. Rugged, not pretty face  64. Happy about his life  65. Intuitive  66. Open minded, but not naive  67. Tennis player  68. Cyclist  69. Doesn't mind playing catch with me  70. Good eyesight [okay, reading glasses]  71. Can carry a tune [for those evenings when we sing showtunes around the piano]  72. Creative thinker [somelatitude here]  73. Community volunteer [but not a scout leader, coach, or clown, please]   74. Raised Protestant or Jewish, but tempered with Eastern philosophy.  75. American born 

Phew, only 25 or so to go. . .

76. Neat but not fastidious [doesn't hang up his shirts according to color]   77. Lean and muscular [but not steroid bulked]  78. Likes the outdoors  79. Owns a Leatherman  80. People are more important than money  81. Thinks I'm funny  82. Writes thoughtful and funny notes and leaves them for me to find  83. Leads by example, not intimidation  84. Remembers special days  85. Does flowers and candy  86. Not in therapy.  87. Not on anti-depressants  88. Only married one other time  89. Owns his home [or a few acres somewhere]   90. Owns Bull Durham  91. Reads non fiction  92. Wears a Rolex   93.  Ambidextrous  94. Warm speaking voice on the phone  95. Shuts cell phone off  96. Sees the cup half full, not half empty  97. Been approached about writing a book about his adventures  98. Knows how to build a fire  99.  Gun free  100. Thinks I'm amazing


Hm-m-m. Just got a call today, out of the blue, from a guy that fits a lot of these attributes.[See I told you the list works] I haven't talked to him in weeks. But he's already had his chance. And if he's reading this, he knows I'm talking about him.

Mrs. L

You can play this game with pictures, too. Once upon a time, Mrs. Linklater had a picture of Joe Namath hanging in her cubicle. She realized later that she married a guy who looked like his blond brother. 



lwhitewave said...

That's a lot!  But I suppose it's do-able.  Good luck!

lamove04 said...

OMG- I'm your dream man!!! All except #45, but I can shave... Albert

lamove04 said...

oh, and #51... OOPS.  --Albert

jevanslink said...

LOL. You know, Albert, I debated about #51.  My next list will end this way: "#100. He's gay." But for this list, I'll follow the three hormones I've got left.  Mrs. L

somenuttychic said...

So it has been said: what you think about is what you eventually draw to you or attract. Hmmm. Guess who's gonna make a list tonight? :-D

P.S. I agree with a lot of your list. A whole lot.

jevanslink said...

Hey, Nikki -- hope it works for you!!  Mrs. L

cneinhorn said...

You have a great list Mrs. L......after my divorce I looked for a guy with the following qualities
1)had a job and could support himself
2)could make me laugh
3)could not be fat (Oh, I know I'm so vain, but I figured I had to be
attracted to the guy)
4)must have a full head of hair
5)worshipped the ground I walked on....

see, I'm not picky......and yes, he presented himself just like you say they will as long as you keep a list!


pkbeachbum said...

Damn. 48 out of 100. Great batting average, but bad grade. I have some work to do.