Saturday, September 25, 2004

Patrick's Sizzling Saturday Six

Episode 24

It that time again and here are this week's questions.  To play you can either answer the questions in a comment at Patrick's Place [See Other Journals], or put the answers in an entry on your own journal Either way, leave a link to your journal so that everyone else can visit!  Enjoy!

1. Who is the last person you took a photograph of?

Me. I always take a picture of myself when I think I'm looking especially babe-a-licous. So I took one last Monday before dinner with an old buddy. Since the advent of the smaller digital cameras I can photograph myself at arm's length and be in focus.  And I'm so goodlooking, why not? If you tell anyone I wrote this, I'll hunt you down.

2. What decade do you hold the most dear and why?

The sixties were good and bad.  Bad because my mother died. And most of the guys I'm attracted to weren't born yet. Good, because times were a-changin'. I realized I didn't have to get married to feed and clothe myself.  Phew. The seventies were fun because I wanted children and loved being pregnant.  Too bad marriage sucked.  But at least I could enjoy doing all the fun things I did as a kid with my own children. The eighties were exhausting being a single mom with a demanding career. [That marriage thing was a real bust.] The nineties were fun because I got out of the rat race, started my own business and widened my personal horizons.  The new century?  Exciting, because I get to watch my children spread their wings doing things I've always wanted to do -- skydive, run marathons, mountain bike in the mountains, live in Hawaii, Jackson Hole and Europe.  It's also a little scary because living life to the fullest has taken its toll on my body. 

3. Take the quiz:  What mystical creature are you?

The quiz says I am an angel. Probably because I want to fly. I would rather be a unicorn. The alabaster kind that you can only see in soft focus, with glitter in my mane and a beautiful horn that looks like it came from Martha Stewart's private collection of bone china. [The J-Land elves and faerie folks are just shaking their heads.]

4. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

I don't like to drink.  But twist my arm and I could manage to finish a Kahlua and cream straight up or a Bailey's on the rocks.  Or a Brandy Alexander made with ice cream.
5. What do you normally wear to bed?

A Johns Hopkins XXL football tee-shirt in the summer.  Or a short shiny nighty with spaghetti straps from some girly girl store.  When it gets cold, I'm all about fleece, flannel, and sweats.  Even, ahem, tennis socks.  What a goddess.

Cherie:  What movie character do you most identify with?

Thelma.  Or Louise.  There is a part of me that would take off across country with a girlfriend to escape a stifling marriage. But I wouldn't kill the would-be rapist.  Maim him for life, yes.  Death, no. If Brad Pitt showed up in my motel room, I'd just hand him all my money.  He wouldn't have to steal it. And I'd blow up that smartass trucker's big tanker in a heartbeat. I'd also love to know how it feels to drive a convertible off the edge of a plateau into a canyon.  The sudden rush of going airborn has to feel incredible.  Of course, the landing I could do without.    

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annalisa135 said...

I LOVE the breakdown on the decades of your life.  Sometimes it's amazing to sit back and think about all that you've been through in "stages or periods" of your life.  

Brandy Alexander made with ice cream ~ a big YUM!!!

((I'd also love to know how it feels to drive a convertible off the edge of a plateau into a canyon.  The sudden rush of going airborn has to feel incredible.  Of course, the landing I could do without.))    LOL!!!!!  I think we could all do without that kind of landing!  I agree with you about the Airborn part, I bet it would be awesome.

Thank you, Mrs. L for all your recent visits, comments, and encouragement in regards to my relationship with Jeff.  I appreciate every single one.  Sending you a big hug!!!!