Thursday, January 6, 2005

Internet Reality Show Idea

Okay here’s the jist.


You get to pick a man or woman to date from a group of twenty people. But you can’t have a picture of them. You can’t hear them speak. And you don’t know their ages.  Sounds like a blind date to me.


BUT -- these people know what YOU look and sound like. In fact, they know everything about you, so that all but one of them can think of ways to lie to make you choose them.


Your only means of communication with them is via email or IM. 


That’s correct. Email and instant messaging are the only two ways you can decide which one of the twenty is the person you want to meet. 


You can ask each potential date five questions prepared by the show. These questions change each week. When you get down to the final five then you can ask some of your own questions. But there will be some restrictions on how much you can ask.


Each week one person is eliminated from the competition when you block their emails and IM’s.


The good news: One of these people has already been pre-selected for you based on a computer matching system that has paired both of your preferences from perfume and after shave to SAT scores, income and profession to hair and eye color, the car you drive to where you like to vacation, etc.


He or she is the only person who cannot lie. 


If that person is able to get you to pick him or her you both win $500,000 dollars and a great all expenses paid date to anywhere you want to go. Or free rentals at Blockbuster for life. Whatever. 


The bad news: There are some flies in the ointment: One of the possible dates is still in high school.  Another lives in a senior citizen’s center.  A third is a member of the wrong sex -- in other words, if the contestant is a woman looking for a guy, one of the guys is actually a female.  Another could be an ex-husband.  We could get creepy and have sisters and brothers. Or for fun, one could be a celebrity or pro athlete. 


But there’s something wrong with all the contestants except the one that has been computer matched for you. 


If you are fooled and choose one of the imposters, the imposter gets $100,000. Or free Subway sandwiches for as long as they can stand them. And you get a hearty handshake.


Have you spent enough time in chat rooms to tell a guy from a girl, a complete creep from a smarmy casanova, a ten year old from a 110 year old? And could you do it without knowing what they look or sound like?


In the end, would spelling matter? 










plittle said...

I came here from Scalzi's place to read and comment on your weekend assignment entry, but this one made me laugh more. Oh, and that 'arms can touch the floor now' bit from before. You've got a unique view.

thisismary said...

Another great entry! Thanks for the laugh!

ann7inflorida said...

Mrs. L, this is a great idea! {No comment on the spelling, lol.}

screaminremo303 said...

You have no idea how many domestic fights I've gone to that started over chat room activity. I like your idea, especially the ex-spouse aspect. Does posting it here establish intellectual proprietary rights? I smell a ratings bonanza!

jevanslink said...

REMO -- I may retain intellectual property rights, but the networks retain the right to steal.  Mrs. L

judithheartsong said...

Hey Cowboy,
are you up to the challenge?!?! Let's do it!!! judi

greyhoundloner03 said...

Of course if one were a bisexual, commune-living hippie who happened to be a  Southerner with a family tree that goes straight up and down, who also dated professional athletes in her earlier years...well that sort of woman would KNOW intuitively that SPELLING MATTERS.

robbush6 said...

Good spelling is what separates us from the animals. By the way, you are my new favorite loose cannon. I breastfed four babies for six years. That's consecutive, not concurrent years. I did Lamaze too, but when that wore off, I did drugs.

viviansullinwank said...

ROFL!!!  Is that 110 year old man filthy rich!?!    This was just hilarious!  Send the idea to the networks please won't you?!