Friday, May 20, 2005

Eleven Year Old Girl Pitches No Hitter in Little League

[You can read the story at Newsday or Google "11 year old girl pitches no hitter."]

The only girl playing in a boys' little league pitched a no hitter for her team.  It was the first no hitter ever pitched in the league. Earlier in the year she pitched a one-hitter.  

She also bats .714. 

Not that it matters to her or anything. Much. But fifty years ago that girl could have been Mrs. Linklater. If only they'd let her play.


swmpgrly said...

Nice to hear a story like that.

suzypwr said...

Yeah, but can she type?

I wish that girl a great career. She obviously has much talent!


mombzbe said...

So I guess "You play ball like a GIRL!" will no longer be considered an insult?  
Good for her! :D

dcmeyer420 said...

Great news! My daughter was rejected by the middle school football team because she is a girl and the school does not want to buy extra protective gears designed for girls. It did not matter that she was better than most of the boys in the team. It was a long fight and she lost interest in it by the time we got the decision overturned.  Hooray for girls in "boys" sports!!!  

screaminremo303 said...

Good for her, but I've seen the footage of her in action.

She still throws like a girl.

gailmb said...

So, Remo, does that make it doubly embarrassing for the boys who cannot hit what she throws?

swibirun said...

Good for her!  Best kid on my son's team was a girl.  

wh1368 said...


My ex husband {*ahem*, the first one} coached a little league team that consisted of boys & girls. They ended up winning their division, the star player was a 10 yr.old girl.

ksquester said...

I hope the CUBS are watching, maybe one day we will be able to say, "CUBS WIN"   Anne