Sunday, May 22, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six Indy Qualifying Edition

These are my FINAL answers:

1. What is the last product or service you tried just because you saw a commercial that impressed or amused you about the product?  Did you like the product or service after you tried it?

Febreeze got my attention.  I spray it on everything.  Sometimes for no reason. I'd used it for mouthwash if I could.

2. How old is the oldest photograph in your home?  Are you in it?

There's a picture of my mother taken when she was nineteen, just after she graduated from nursing school.  I am not in that picture for eight more years.

3. What is the most supernatural event you have experienced?  Did you feel there was a specific reason that it happened to you?

I have ESP all the time. About two months after breaking up with an old boyfriend I flashed on him having a motorcycle accident. I was standing on my porch with a girlfriend when it happened so I told her she was my witness to what I had just seen.

I couldn't verify my vision by calling him. He had moved and I didn't know where.  One day, months later I was at a focus group facility in a distant suburb and flashed on where he was living. In my mind's eye I saw a building off the exit ramp in a town about half an hour away. So I called information for that town and they had his phone number. I called him. He lived in the building I had visualized. We got together and I told him about my ESP experience. He left the room and came back with a pair of scuffed boots and beat up pants. They were the clothes he had been wearing when the motorcycle accident happened. I had seen the crash as it occurred. 

I have no idea why this paranormal event, or any others, have happened. It creeps me out to wonder why.

4. Do you usually consider the glass half-empty or half-full?

Usually if I see a glass that has liquid exactly half way up, I start thinking, hmmmm, is it half empty or half full?  Am I a pessimist or an optimist. To solve this dilemma, I just drink it up and say, hmmmm, it's empty, better get some more.

5. What part or parts of your body do you shave regularly?

Think of a place on the landscape of one's body and my trained Russian hair removal professional can think of a reason to shave it or wax it. Scanning every inch with her giant magnifying glass she finds an offending growth, applies the hot wax and removes it [rips it out of its socket actually] with unrestrained glee.  She'd rather wax than shave because it hurts more.

6. What day is typically your busiest of the week?  What day are you usually the happiest?  What day are you usually the saddest?

Any day I have to get up when it's still dark is going to be a busy day.  Any day I can call room service is a happy day.  Any day I have to fly in a middle seat is a very sad day.


mosie1944 said...

I have seen several great answers to number 4!  I'm glad Patrick asked the question, because it's given me some smiles as I ramble around J-land.

lamove04 said...

Wow, you have some major ESP going on there!  Maybe you should have your own syndicated show, I can just see it:  "Ask Mrs. Linklater--If You Dare!"

swibirun said...

After reading your shaving comment, I'm glad I'm a guy!

mlobb10 said...

Wow the ESP thing must be a tad scary. I like your shaving answer... it sounds almost terrifying. :)

screaminremo303 said...

Febreeze is great stuff. I spray it on my pants and I almost don't smell like a dead guy.