Monday, July 4, 2005

Here We Go A Googling

From time to time Mrs. Linklater has too much time on her hands and she decides to Go A Googling.  She racks her brain for a noun, verb, or adjective and sees what Google brings up.

Today Mrs. L Googled ASININE and found [Sorry this isn't a link because I'm on my MAC].  

Once there she clicked on a random poem and immediately discovered this one, which lives up to all that asinine is cracked up to be.


by Daniel Sciarra

I take a pill for hair loss
another to stay thin
I take 3 for my prostate
and 2 more for my skin

I steep some horny goat weed
into my herbal tea
making sure I always rise
to an opportunity

I supplement my diet
with 18 pills a day
and wonder if I'd feel better
if I just sparked up a j

To perk up in the morning
I chew some willow stem
and I take a pill at bedtime
to help me sleep in REM

A protein shake at noon
some carrot juice for snack
aspirin and a garlic pill
to prevent a heart attack

And then I take valium
and the extract of a lime
to fight the stress that comes
from being healthy all the time

2 anti-aging enzymes
and, of course, a multi vit
and then I take a second job
to pay for all this shit


courtenaymphelan said...

Love it!..courtenay

suzypwr said...

Too cute! xoxo

salemslot9 said...

I remember when you said that you didn't care too much for poetry...

jevanslink said...

And this poem is no exception.  Asinine sums it up pretty well, don't you think?  Mrs. L

olddog299 said...

Frankly, m'dear, *I* thought it was rather clever.

Daniel Sciarra

sunnyside46 said...

oh, I love this