Sunday, September 25, 2005

Help Jeffcomedy

Jeff over at "What the hell. . . ?"  needs help.

The link refuses to work no matter what I do, so copy and paste this:

Jeff has asked for topics to write about. He's looking for one or two word subjects, probably, but I don't think he was too fussy. He's accepting suggestions via email [jeffcomedy] or via comments in his journal.

Here are some of my thoughts for him based on a few things happening to me and the people in my life:

Wedding dress

Favorite sweater

Missing sock

Seedless watermelon

Garbage bag


Psychic fairs


Bad breath

16 ounce red plastic cup

Lava lamp

Grass stains

Backdoor light

Lip gloss

Scrambled eggs

Digital clock




Dirty feet

Rental car



Caramel apple

Loose crown


Olive oil cap



Faux leopard scarf

Plastic box

Paper plate

TV antenna

Old slides


Fedex box


Slice of cheese

Belly button

Mandarin orange segments

Mrs. Linklater is here to help.

Meanwhile, check out Thoughts and Ramblings in my Other Journals.  Chris [Swibirun] has taken all the words and woven a very entertaining story using all of them.  Clever man.


dawngepfer said...

Omigosh, you crack me up!  I have a growing list of journal topics myself - and like you, my choice of words/titles only makes sense to ME!  I look forward to reading your postings on this collage of topics and learning exactly what on earth is going on in your life that has to do with 16 oz. red plastic cups, the olive oil cap and Mandarin orange segments!

sieblonde said...

He had no idea what was about to hit him, did he.  lol  ~Sie

cubsandcoffee said...

Mrs. L, you are a refreshing sort of way.

psychfun said...

He is doing an "Ellen". She did that on her show last session!

suzypwr said...

At least your entries, unlike mine, are not based around dog crap, lol.


meforevermore said...

::stare:: lol Those are... interesting lol


onemoretina said...

 I read your  'Movie List', over at Patrick's Place.  I chose 'Say Anything', too.  I guess because, basically, I married Lloyd Dobler ( and I was pretty much Diane Court, myself )    Tina

robbush6 said...

Please tell me your olive oil cap is okay. Did I miss an important entry?

This list ought to insure a solid case of writer's block. It may be just the thing to prompt his next lengthly absence.

cneinhorn said...

okay, now I understand that post of his!  (swirubin)  


lisita15 said...

Found your journal via Jeff's... just wanted to say Hi and will be back. Also, for the links to work... try this... once you type in the link right after the last letter or number, you need to hit "enter" that should activate your link. here enter)