Friday, March 10, 2006

Pimp the Watron

What the hell by jeffcomedy hasn't had a post since November. [You can link over at Other Journals.] He was our resident watron, the server who wrote funny stuff about his so-called life taking orders and bringing food to people who eat at one of the gazillion Chili's restaurants across the country.

Well, finally, Mrs. L has found someone with an outside blog who can fill the void left by Jeff.  A Wiscosin guy named Dan included a link to a NY waiter-who-rants on his list of Six Pack Picks.  [The link to Dan's journal is in one of my other recent pimps as well as New Journal Discoveries]. Here's the link to the waiter:

By the way, Mrs. Linklater prefers the term, WATRON instead of SERVER. Both are gender free. Both have only two syllables.  But WATRON sounds way more out there than SERVER.  Anyone can be a SERVER.  It takes someone special to be a WATRON.


ladeeoftheworld said... like the robot version!

onemoretina said...

This guy is a find, and judging by the number of comments he gets, I'd say that he has quite a following.  Thanks for the heads-up on this one, Mrs. L  ......   Tina

gdireneoe said...

Sounds very twenty-second century there Mrs. L.  thanks for the scoop. ;)  C.