Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Game of the Year

I'm sure everybody in Chicago thinks I'm talking about the Bears game on Monday. The one that nobody watched after halftime because they'd already gone to bed, knowing the Bears had lost. Only they didn't.

But no-o-o-o-o-o.  Not that game.

Remember that high school game I wrote about a couple of entries ago?  The one that went into triple overtime and MY team won by ONE POINT?  Of course you do.

Well, one of the columnists for the largest paper here decided it was the best game of the year. Even though there's one more regular season game and then the playoffs.

That's because MY unranked team knocked off a highly ranked team. Did I mention in triple overtime? By one point?

Since the score was 46-45, it was also FUN TO WATCH, in a heartstopping kind of way.

I also created a really cool ten minute video for the team that I gave to one of the coaches to play for them the night before the game. Among other things, there were highlights we had shot from several previous games, laid against a headcracking audio track from the opening battle scene in a famous movie. Awesome, if I say so myself. Naturally, it was only fitting that I ended it with a great line that the commanding general says to rev up his troops to beat their enemy, "What we do in this life echoes in eternity!" The coach handed it back to me afterward with one comment, "Outstanding!"  Somebody else said it was one of the best ones I've done. 

Yeah, I'm good. In a small fish that swims in a little pond kind of way.


psychfun said...

But the Bears were outstanding too! :-)

mombzbe said...

Everybody in Chicago shoulda had more faith.  It was the CARDINALS, for crying out loud, and nobody can lose a game with more regularity in the second half (or last few minutes) like they can.   They're our team, and I would bet against them.  Ho hum.