Saturday, October 21, 2006

This Guy Should Be A Writer

Jon, of Lone Star Concerto [He's in my Other Journals as The Piano Man], is writing again after taking a couple of months off.  I pimped his new journal a few weeks back -- the old one has been cut loose like a tumbleweed on the internet -- but after reading his musings this morning, I have to pimp it again.

He writes like that dead guy that wrote Deliverance. Oh, yes, James Dickey.  Poetry wrapped in prose. He has more deep thoughts than I have dust fuzzies. [Even if I only had one fuzzy, he'd be ahead of me.]

The title of this entry is a joke, by the way, because Jon is already a writer. He's also an accomplished pianist -- anyone who can get paid to play the piano is Rubinstein to me. And Jon can play the stuff that ends in "concerto." I bet he's never had to resort to taking requests for "Feelings."

He's also full of more angst than a Woody Allen movie. Especially if Woody Allen movies gave up trying to be funny. [Oh wait, they already have]. Maybe his writing is more like the humor in Pulp Fiction. You laugh in between the madness and mayhem, most of which is slamming into the walls of his mind.

Every time I read what he writes my imagination lights up in color. Making me feel like the stuff I write here is like chalk on the sidewalk by comparison. He's Gauguin. I'm not.

Which reminds me, I was lamenting my ennui in this space to another journaler. He suggested that I hook up my tongue to a nine volt battery. Where do I get a nine volt battery?

Read Jon, you won't be disappointed. Maybe some of your unused brain cells will kick in.


mosie1944 said...

I'm glad you pimped him, because I failed to add his latest journal to my alerts.  Now I've got him!

suzypwr said...

I am so ashamed I didn't read his new journal yet - I guess I was saving it for a special day :). I love Jon's writing. He has a way of making me want to delete everything I write :)


jayveerhapsody said...

Mrs. L., have you really resorted to pimping again? Heck, that's okay. I'm shameless......
(I think a BIG thanks is in order here).           Luv ya,  Jon

screaminremo303 said...

Nine-volt batteries are the little rectangular ones with the goofy terminals on the end. For about $1.99 you can get a whole new perspective on the cosmos. I hear it also cures earaches.

rebuketheworld said...

He is an excellent writer..I just found him recently....and so are you missy...-Raven

sdoscher458 said...

You are so right to pimp him, Jon is one of the best writers in Jland, he can move a person with his words. I really missed not reading him when he stopped writing for a while, very happy he's back.  Don't knock yourself, you always write well too.  Sandi