Monday, November 13, 2006

Catching Up Quickly

Here at Camp AOL Journals, John Scalzi, our head counselor, keeps us busy with daily things to do.  I've missed a few opportunities to play with the other kids, so I'm going to try to catch up now.

Last Thursday's weekend assignment was to share a favorite childhood book.  At thirteen I was reading From Here to Eternity, everything Leon Uris ever wrote, and Andersonville.  Mothers of my friends told them not to play with me because I was a bad influence. That continues to this day.

Before that I read books about horses. All the Black Stallions, Misty of Chincoteague, King of the Wind, Brighty of Grand Canyon -- okay, a burro, but close, and lots of Marguerite Henry stuff. I started riding when I was seven. My honeymoon was a horse roundup. To this day the smell of horse manure brings back fond memories, in a general, hay bale kind of way. Despite reading as much as I did about ponies, for a long time I thought the Godolphin Arabian was a mythical creature.

Last Monday's photo assignment was to show the origin of one of one's names -- nickname, surname, screenname, whatever.

One of my nicknames has been Big Bird. I don't have to post a photo because you already have a visual.

Okay, two assignments out of the way.  I feel better now that I'm being more social. 


ladeeoftheworld said...

You?  A bad influence?  Who would have said such a thing?

mombzbe said...

At thirteen I was reading my Tia's Judith Krantz novels.  You know, wholesome fare for a young girl.  (Like my raging hormones needed any more fuel.)

On the geek side, I was reading all the books on the 'books to read for college' lists.  
You gotta have balance, I always say...