Monday, May 28, 2007

My Memorial Day

Sports, food, and a dose of propaganda. Yesterday was my day to celebrate. I watched Indy, ate chicken, and got all blubbery during the concert on the mall in DC.  Ashley Judd looked very fetching in a rainsoaked dress when her gentleman driver hubby, Dario Franchitti, won the 500. He is Scottish apparently, despite all evidence to the contrary. I think the camera lingered on her well past its expiration date, hoping to catch a nipple sighting through her thoroughly drenched gossamer frock.

I had a moment of painful reflection during a Bill Moyers' special. He asked us to consider whether we've lived lives worthy of the sacrifices made by those who died for us. I reached for the remote after that.

This is also the weekend for NCAA and high school state titles. The Northwestern University WOMEN won their third Division I lacrosse title in a row. A three-peat. Do you have any idea how hard that is to do? Male or female? They also qualified for the NCAA Women's World Series. Not the lacrosse team, the softball team. Another Chicago school, De Paul, also qualified, but I didn't go to school there, so who cares? Another alma mater, Duke, sends its men's lacrosse team to play Johns Hopkins today. Not bad for a school that lost a captain, coach and season to a stripper last year. 

My old high school qualified a boys 4 x 800 team for the state meet this past weekend. They came in ranked 11th. White guys can sometimes be competitive at the middle distances. By some miracle their supply of Red Bull propelled them to a 6th seed for the finals. The second miracle was a third place finish. That's like four nicely washed and waxed Lincoln Town Cars taking on Team Ferrari. I don't want to say there's been some celebrating, but it's been a little like a mule went out and won the Kentucky Derby around here. They don't call these kids Cake Eaters for nothing.

Needless to say, their other team that qualified, the 4x 400 relay, didn't fare so well. There was a downpour during their qualifying heat so they had to settle for 24th. Not bad, considering they were ranked 32nd. 32nd? Who goes that deep for ANYTHING?

The boys baseball team is ranked first or third depending on who you read. The last I heard they'd won 27 to 2 in the sectionials on Friday. Hmmm, maybe I can catch a game today. Update: Over the weekend they beat a city team by another jillion, then beat the 8th seed 3-2. Wednesday is their next game and I'm in a meeting. Ack.


screaminremo303 said...

We also watched the ceremony from the Mall. Very touching. I watched the Moyers special, as well. Memorial Day always reminds me of what a bunch of punk-ass pussies kids are these days. Am I allowed to say that? Ashley looked as edible as ever but she's no Diane Lane. Isn't it supposed to be a "500"? Does he get 4/5 of a trophy?

Enjoy the Northwestern run. It will stop when they Sun Devils send them back home to caddy for the LPGA.

psychfun said...

Ya, I felt they must have had all male camera men when they were so glued to Ashley! I'm surprised car racing doesn't have cheer also..I mean why would they go without? They say they are a sport. Heck, just selling chicken wings you get some!

Did you notice he was not too eager to kiss her. She gave him just a peck too. That didn't look to good to me. Most are mauling their wives or girlfriends for at least 15 sec.

ladeeoftheworld said...

The Ashley-Judd-Danica-Patrick race.  Every man within 50 miles of Indy salivating in unison the entire month of May.  They even smeared make up on little Sarah Fisher's face this year.  It's a man's world, I tell ya.

Girls play lacross??  Who knew....

mombzbe said...

As my hubby was watching the 500 on and off, I did wonder if his interest was more than sport-related.  Know I know...

Remo's right about ASU. :D