Sunday, November 18, 2007


I took this picture in 1978, if I'm not mistaken. It features one of my readers, an old friend and husband of one of my best friends, who hasn't been feeling too well lately. Okay, that's an understatement. He's fighting cancer, but even with all the chemo and discomfort, he is still going to work.

I don't think he's ever seen this photo from the good old days.  I thought I'd post it and give him a few giggles. Feel better, Dave.


screaminremo303 said...

Wow. I remember those '70's "athletic-clothes." Nut-hugger shorts and cheesy Adidas shoes. Are those squash shoes? Hang in there, Dave. Just be glad she didn't send over the dry-cleaning.

psychfun said...

HA! Love that Dry Cleaning comment Remo! HA! Ahhh the 70s...good thing it wasn't a disco picture! HA! I really do hope you feel better! My prayers are on the way!

jevanslink said...

Hold it, holster breath. Those cheesy Adidas shoes are top of the line Tiger volleyball shoes. And that volleyball is probably an eighteen panel Tachikara. And if Michael Jordan didn't hate having his skinny legs out in public, guys in every sport would still be wearing their shorts high and tight.

Mrs. L

mombzbe said...

Remo doesn't know what he's talking about--your friend there has some nice legs.

Love the tube socks, the do, the beard--I'd say "retro" if I didn't remember men wearing that whole look so well.
I will repeat the "hang in there"--

easuess said...

Was going to comment on the beautiful quadriceps. But I see that's been done.

salemslot9 said... know it really gets me
how the women still wear short stuff
and the dudes are wearing that
long a** s**t, now

emmapeeldallas said...

That's a terrific pic of a beautiful guy.  I'm sending good thoughts his way.