Sunday, June 15, 2008

Go Celtics!!

Okay, I've got a soft spot for Phil Jackson. Hmm, maybe soft spot isn't the right phrase. Let's just say those of us in Chicago owe the Zenmeister some serious gratitude for all those Windy City championship rings. Along with a guy named Mike. So in some ways it's hard not to root for any team he coaches.

But the team he's coaching these days doesn't have Shaq. It features Kobe Bryant, who will always be the poster boy for pro athletes who abuse women. So I'll take a pass. 

It also helps a lot that the Celtics' Kevin Garnett calls Chicago home. Even though he's been languishing up north on the Timberwolves for years. I'm with Bill Russell about Garnett -- he's the pivotal player who joined the team and got the Celtics to the playoffs and now into the finals. With some great acting by Paul Pierce and some inspired benchwork by the unheralded, hardworking Mr. Powe.

The Celtics win, even if they have to wait and do it at home. Even better if they do it at home.


pchilcoat1 said...

Born in Boston, Lived in NYC, bleed Celtics green.




redsneakz said...

I would simply HATE for Phil Jackson to win his tenth title against Red's (Auerbach, not Holzman) old team.  Yes, I know that Phil played for Holzman - I used to dread seeing him come into the game, with that awkward hook shot he used to have.  I have no great love for these Celtics, but I remember the teams of the 80's, so I'm sort of a front-runner; happy when the Celts win, but indifferent if they're losing.