Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's a Miracle

There's a new runway open today at O'Hare airport. It was finished two months early. And 33 million dollars under budget. Maybe the contractor for that project should take over Wall Street.


screaminremo303 said...

Nah. I worked construction. Here's how it works:

Get the job, as bid, done as quick as possible regardless of quality. Collect the early-completion bonus and spend it on hookers and illegal aliens. When the first job goes bad and you have to re-do it, jack up the cost of materials, blame it on "unscrupulous sub-contractors" and drag the job out until your next bid is approved to make sure the Union has work for the guys until the next contract is approved.

We were always told "That's the way they do it in Chicago..."

hewasolddog299 said...

I agree with Remo's analysis, to a point. You must have had some extremely cooperative weather for a contractor, irregardless of the level of management or larcenous skills, to pull it off two months early. In addition, it has to be a mob-owned general contractor with absolutely no deadweight job sitters and a heck of a gravel pit. Even assuming shoddy materials and work, that time frame is a real stumbling block.

I'd love to have been a fly on the wall during the "negotiations" with the Inspector General for the GAO ... the  baksheesh must have approached a million dollars for them alone. Fuggers.

jevanslink said...

Trump Tower Chicago was just finished. It's the tallest aprtment/condo in the world. Trump announced yesterday that it was finished on time and on budget.  Try that in NYC. Or LA.  Or DC.  Mob? I don't think so. Face it, you people can only dream of building runways, roads, and buildings as fast and as good as we do.  

Eat your heart out.  

Mrs. L

swibirun said...

Give it time, the runway hasn't started collapsing because the contractor skimped on the specified yards of concrete to save money, yet.  

gaboatman said...

Trump Tower Chicago is the tallest apt/condo in the world?  I thought the country of Dubai has a lock on the biggest, tallest, bestest everything concerning construction in the world.  I wonder if The Donald will ever spend a night in his new castleminium?

jevanslink said...

I think all those buildings in Dubai, Taipei, Shanghai, and Kuala Lampur are office towers. The Sears Twoer is right up there, too. THe Twin Towers used to be. Trump Tower isn't as tall as the Sears Tower.  BUT, The Donald wanted it to be the tallest at something -- so he came up with a category.

Mrs. L