Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sarah Palin Sends Her Regrets

Personally, I don't think either McCain the Pain or Me Llama Obama is a particularly good debater. It would have been gratifying to have Hill the Pill up there taking them both on.

I also didn't hear any particularly earthshattering sound bites from either one of these primetime mimes. They could have phoned it in. I heard no brilliant thoughts, no innovative programs, no inspirational ideas, and not one spark of creative thinking to solve to the mess we're in.

Here we are in an economic Armagedden to rival the crash of 1929 and *yawn* I'm still waiting for a single original proposal that would make my world a better place.

I noticed right away that Obama called McCain, "John." With a friendly "we're here to argue, but we're still collegial" tone. But McCain called Obama "Senator Obama" and seemed to treat him with disdain. Soon Obama stopped calling the little guy, "John."

But tonight's single most shocking moment wasn't anything either one of these peripatetic, pathetic presidential hopefuls said or didn't say. Nope.

It was Sarah Palin. Or lack of Sarah Palin. If anyone should have been there, it was she. Was she being punished for sounding like a hockey mom instead of the potential leader of the free world during her interview with Katie Couric?  And didn't Katie Couric have the most perplexed look on her face during Sarah's endless rambling, non-answers? Huh? What are you saying?

Not having Sarah Palin at the debate was a big mistake. All kinds of alarms went off. It's the one place she should have been at the one time she needed to be there. Especially since she was specifically invited by the networks. So she could analyze Obama's performance like Joe "The Schmoe" Biden analyzed McCain. I guess the GOP wanted to save the inevitable Sarah Palin train wreck for next week.

"We invited the Republican vice presidential nominee to join us tonight, but they sent Rudy Giuliani in her place."

Howdy Doody Rudy? To quote Frank Barone, that elegant mincer of words, "Holy Crap!!!"

I thought John McCain's announcement earlier in the week that he would  be suspending his campaign was a huge mistake, a major PR gaffe, and created unnecessary anxiety about our current situation. What we need most of all now is for the campaign to continue. McCain made it seem as though the government was so out of control that everything had to stop while he went back to DC to fix it. A decision I found precipitous and very unpresidential.

Even worse, he backtracked, which made him seem indecisive and even more unpresidential. 

But the fact that Sarah Palin wasn't there was the most shocking development. Keeping her out of harm's way confirms her incompetence. As if we needed any more proof.

Meanwhile her opponent, Joe "I am NOT a Schmoe" Biden, disseccted McCain's performance nicely. The way you might expect. But I wasn't really listening to what he said, because I kept wondering why McCain's campaign puppeteers thought it was a good idea to keep Sarah Palin at home.

She should have been present an accounted for. Her absence was the elephant in the room. And Rudy "How's Yer Booty" Giuliani was an odd, awkward choice to take her place. Was he there to remind us about 9-11 AGAIN? Was his presence intended as a subliminal suggestion that the Republicans are the only party who can make the country safe from terrorists? As I recall they didn't do a very good job back in 2001.

For me, listening to Rudy Tootie was just a constant reminder that Sarah Palin was a no show. Is that the plan? To keep her under wraps from now until the election, because she is starting to become an embarrassment to the McCain campaign?

Ya think?

Meanwhile, is Rudy going to sit in for Sarah at the vice presidential debates too?  Or will Tina Fey do the honors? 


screaminremo303 said...

Maybe she was reading bedtime stories to her kids. Maybe she was waxing herself. Who knows? Who cares??

Having Biden run his pie-hole with hand-me-down talking points as an "analysis" merely points out that the O-B tampon campaign desperately needs Jobama to come to the locker room to rescue Obama from getting his head stuffed in the toilet.

McCain's decision this week was appropriate and made for good comedy if only for the way it made the OB campaign stammer and sputter in response.

Speaking of bracelets...  "Oh, yeah? I have a dead guy on my wrist TOO!!"

gaboatman said...

Personaly I vote for Tina Fey.  She would be far more entertaining and probably a lot more relvant.  Oh, and I took my bracelt off because the guy I had on my wrist came home alive with the POWS.  Otherwise, I'd still be waring mine, too.

psychfun said...

Oh Good Lord if Remo thinks that McCain not doing the debate was appropriate that tells me a lot about the cognitive processes there.

I loved the perfect repeat of the Nixon vs. Kennedy Debate. McCain did not look at Obama nor the audience. He was always looking down, which means he looks down at Obama & does not respect him (yes disdain) and is not confident & assured in addressing the American people after this week. We all know what happened in when Nixon did that. Someone after mentioned that McCain has to hit out of the park on foreign policy to show Obama was not prepared & said he did not so that was a bit hit for McCain. Personally, I can't wait for the VP debate. I think that will be it, the deciding day for many. If Palin busts then it is all over.