Friday, December 19, 2008

I Wonder Where The Hummers Went?

I wonder if you can still get parts for Range Rovers these days. One of my friends shot this great wide angle photo of his RR when it was new. I thought I would post it because I've been working on something for him and accidentally found this pic in one of the files I have. Any excuse to take a break.

Maybe his wife, my very good friend, will call me when she sees it posted. [Hey, Nan, gimme a buzz.] I also love the picture of their house in the background. They built it without wood -- it even has a steel roof -- after one of the California fires burned their other house to the ground. The only things left were some cinder blocks and a metal Christmas ornament. I always wondered if that ornament was saved.


Remo said...

Nothing pretentious about that picture. Nope. Nothing at all.

Where's a good earthquake when you want one?

Chris said...

Did they leave it as is or did they paint it?

thunder_of_zeus said...

looks like remo is being a little bitchy again - guess he figures that since he has nothing, everyone else should keep their goodies hidden away.

those people might have that military grade vehicle precisely because they do have earthquakes, fires, and mudslides.

not everyone only uses their car to drive to the liquor store to refresh the potato chip jar.