Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Superior Scribbler Part Deux

The second person who nominated me for a Superior Scribbler award was the Yak Woman. Her blog is HERE.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been a Yak fan since she publicly revealed her husband Ray's inordinate fascination with her huge breastesses years ago in her former journal at AOL Back when there were about 200 of us living semi-nude in the commune.

She has Jon Stewart's timing, Joan Rivers' snarkiness, and Sarah Silverman's outrageous humor, sprinkled with some medicated Amy Winehouse. She called me once when I was in the bathroom at a wake and I was laughing so hard there was a crowd outside the door and people staring when I came out.

Now Yak's even got one of her sons writing on her blog. It's apparent that her insane way with words didn't fall too far from the inmates at the asylum.

She originally got started writing movie reviews which, in my humble opinion, were better and certainly much funnier than whatever anybody else was writing on the web. But she's since brought her asshead humor to everything from haircuts in Vegas to mowing the lawn to living with her parents.

However, her now infrequent movie deconstructions will always remain the chocolate truffles of my laugh life. With less calories.

Try her, you'll like her. Even better, she likes me. See -- here's proof:

Again, another favorite blog in the no-bullshit zone. Mrs. Linklater is a hoot, a holler and yes, she's ALL THAT. I would have love to have hung out with her in high school, but alas, I wasn't born then....haaaaa.

Next up -- the Artist in Residence


Remo said...

Yak is the next-best-thing to living with a stripper. You get all the Boobavision without the warrants and meth pipes. It's a good thing. Any questions about Ray's endowments have to laid aside when you figure it take a man with a big hammer to bang her pipes into submission. It's either that or he has those videotapes from when she was dabbling in her "experimental" phase.

Cw2sMom/Lisa said...

She's the best, no doubt! Between you, Remo and all remain my inspiration for "better blog writing!" Blessings, Lisa

RYak said...

Oh thanks. Alert OTHER people to my glorious brestesssess.

Now I'm gonna have to update my blog, you filthy whore. ;-)

Haaaaaaa. I remember the restroom call. I couldn't understand for the life of me why you were answering my call in a bathroom, at a wake. But that's what makes you such a damn original. You're smart, sassy, hysterically funny and you live life with such gusto. Girlfriend gets around, yo!

As for Remo's thoughts: Trust me on a couple of things - Ray's got enough hammer for the tri-state area. If anything, HE needs the regular hammering. Not a shy bone in that body. AND, he likes to be nude. Outside. You DID read his Las Vegas invite, yes? Not a reticent bone in that man's body, nosirree.

I'll get cracking on those backlogged movie reviews. All 479,000 of them!

Thanks for the shout-out. I'll give you 20 comments to knock off the compliments.