Friday, October 2, 2009

Oops, Sorry Chicago, Just Kidding About The Olympics

Well, that was embarrassing. I thought the IOC was going to give Chicago the 2016 Olympics on a platter, if you believed the hype here. I think da Mare had already spent the money. 
     I woke up at 1 AM and caught Chicago's final presentation LIVE to the IOC which, I can say in all candor, was very BORRRRRRRRRR-ING!! None of this would have happened if they'd let me do the videos.  No, seriously, I was watching that crap mumbling to myself the whole time. Hey, I didn't write and perform in the winning homecoming skit competition when I was at Duke, not to mention write/produce/perform and WIN Northwestern's May Sing [small group category] two years in a row. So there. 
     And how about the president's inspirational speech? "Yes, I hope Chicago gets the Olympics so I can walk to the opening and closing ceremonies from my house."  Z-z-z-z-z-z.
     Way back, when this all started, I learned that there had never been an Olympics in Latin America. So I wondered, why are we even in this thing? Just give it to RIO and let everybody save all that pitch money trying to win something they'll never get. The final nail in the coffin was yesterday when I heard this was Rio's third try. I thought, you're kidding right? How can they NOT win the bid. 
     Gee, I'm a farking genius apparently.  

This logo was better.


Remo said...

With that list of accomplishments, how could they NOT pick you?

There's just no appreciation for Kinetescope these days.

Jon said...

Wow, contrary to popular belief, everything Obama touches DOESN'T turn to gold......

Oops!! Hey, if you hire a "hit" man to get us, make sure he goes after Remo first!! (Big smile inserted here).

Des's big daddy said...

It was always going to be Rio, always theirs to lose. You could have made the best presentation possible (and I have no doubt that you would have) and it would have still gone to Rio. As much as it would have been interesting to have had the Olympics here (and they still could if they lick their wounds and go for 2020)there's no excuse for never having the games in South America.

People who blame Obama for this are fools.

Chris said...

Well I knew you were a farking genius already so this was nothing new.

Remo said...

I came back to admire my snark-attack and saw the logo. No wonder you didn't win.

Maybe the double-headed thingy scared them. You should have used a transsexual instead. Fight fire with fire and all that.