Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Suddenly, It's 1969

In 1969 the young and fetching Mrs. Linklater was in the Touring Company of Second City. We toured Beloit, Wisconsin, on this occasion. 
     Can you identify a young and skinny Harold Ramis? Here's an older, heavier clue:

     Can you pick out the young and handsome Brian Doyle Murray [Bill's older brother]? Here's the older, grayer version:

     Can you spot Gerrit Graham of Star Trek and Phantompalooza fame? He still looks a lot like he did back then, only without the moustache, like this photo of him as "Q" from one of the many Star Treks:

Screen grab from
     The other two guys are David Bloom [sideburns] and Eric Ross [the other moustache]. I don't know where David and Eric are now. They have no idea where I am either. 
     In fact, Harold didn't know WHO I was when I ran into him at my swank health club a couple of years ago. Hi, Harold, it's me, Mrs. Linklater. Remember? Second City? 1969? He looked at me like I was a stalker. The weird thing is that when he came back to the Chicago area in 1995 or '96, I ran into him at a children's toy store and HE recognized ME. Go figure. 
     The other young woman is Sherry Nerins -- that spelling will have to do. She's probably married to a dentist and a nana to a dozen kids by now. 
     That night we performed in an old church building, packed with students from Beloit College, some of whom invited us to an after party that consisted of sitting in a ganga filled room, passing around a joint until it burned down to a nub. I said, thank you so much, but I don't do no farking drugs. Besides, there was enough dope in the air to knock me on my butt. 
     You can pretty much tell from the photos that my acting style was better suited to silent movies. So choosing advertising became the wiser a career move. 
     Where did all these pictures come from you might ask? An old boyfriend who was an attorney by day and an amateur photog by night emailed them to me last weekend. He drove up to Wisconsin in the snow to see me perform, stood in the back of the church and shot the pix. While going through his archives he found them again. I can have the negatives in exchange for a small island in the Bahamas. Thanks Hume.

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Melissa said...

Well, who knew! Mrs. L was a star!!!I always wondered where that scathing wit came from! Thanks for sharing!