Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google vs. Bing: Search Engines Go Mano a Mano

Here's a screen shot of Google every time I hit the landing page:

Here's what BING looks like today:

Here's BING's landing page a couple of days before that:

And a couple of days before that:

Every day there's a different, extraordinary picture, with four information hot spots to tell you about it. 
     More and more I find myself using BING as my search engine. Google it and see for yourself. Haaaaaaa.
     FULL DISCLOSURE:  My son-in-law works for Microsoft. But I'm the one who chooses the search engines around here.


Michelle said...

Try logging into your gmail account and using igoogle. It is a much more interesting page.

Mrs. L said...

My Firefox browser opens on iGoogle. For me, that page is a mishmash. Lots of stuff I don't need. I'll still take the great graphics [and info] I get with BING. Also, I've been comparing the two different searches. Google seems to go wide. BING seems to go deep.

Remo said... are a sneaky minx.

Chris said...

Still a Bing virgin here. I'll take a looksee.