Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Menu de Noel

Since my brother has been cooking for me during the holidays, I, and others, have so far enjoyed:
• two batches of homemade chocolate chip cookies the size of my head
• one batch of homemade split pea soup in homemade pork broth [two pigs' knuckles boiled 24 hours with carrots, celery, onion, parsley, garlic] 
• a pork tenderloin with his signature cranberry-blackberry reduction 
• spelt with eggplant and sauteed button mushrooms [whatever spelt is]
• apple pie from a German bakery 
• rack of lamb, marinated in lemon and rosemary
• wild rice
• a salad tossed with homemade lemon, tarragon vinegar and olive oil dressing
• prime rib with bearnaise sauce
• mashed potatoes 
• broccoli
• braised brussels sprouts with crispy pancetta 
• quinoa with black-eyed peas
• a bouche de noel from the local patisserie
• spectacular crepes filled with chocolate ganache one day
• spectacular crepes florentine with boucheron cheese the next
• honey crisp apples
• red wines plus Moet de Chandon Nectar Imperial champagne
• Pellegrino for me
• cheese and crackers that included langres, epoisse, stilton, plus a pate de compagne, and Italian sausage made with barolo wine
• vanilla ice cream with an eggnog ganache
• Zantac
He wants to go out for dinner tonight. I can't imagine why. 

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