Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mrs. Linklater's Pick for Monday's Final Game

Sheesh. Mrs. Linklater chose the two red teams [Louisville and Ohio State] to win the NCAA semi-finals. And face each other in the finals on Monday. She picked them over the two blue teams, Kentucky and Kansas. Clearly rankings mean nothing to her. She's all about the uniforms. Which may explain her poor result. 
          Using her tried and true method of determining who will win the game by picking the best uniform, especially if it's red or black, she figured red unis had more mojo than blue. She was not only wrong, but both blue teams were wearing their white travel uniforms, the worst color ever for any kind of mojo. Clearly Mrs. L will have to rethink her cockamammy theory. For now, she'll still take the team that ISN'T in white on Monday. However, if the team in white travel jerseys does win on Monday, she'll have to send a boatload of Twizzlers to an unnamed person who somehow managed to pick the winning teams. 

UPDATE: Game over. One boatload o' Twizzlers on the way to New Jersey. Actually I filled up one of those USPS boxes you can stuff with as much as you can no matter what it weighs -- for one price. Mrs. Linklater is still stunned that Kentucky won it all in white jerseys. Semis and finals. Clearly her prognostication tools need some readjustment. 

Since the guy who won the bet doesn't read my blog, unless I send him a link, 
he has no idea that I've sent him eight packages of his fave flavor -- strawberry. There was a sale and that's how many I could fit inside the box. 

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Tiny Elvis said...

Even though they are my school's rivals, I've been told that I have to cheer on KU, as a KU victory is a victory for Kansas in general. Not sure how that benefits me, but alright.