Friday, April 4, 2014

No Statute of Limitations in Wyoming for Pedophilia

I got an email today from a detective in Wyoming about Bill Bricker. He lived and worked as a gym teacher and boy scout leader in Winnetka, Illinois. He spent 50 summers working with kids at Teton Valley  Ranch near Jackson, WY.
          Here's the information that the detective asked me to post. The second sentence is important to note.

Anyone with information about crimes committed by BIll Bricker, please contact the Teton County Sheriff's Office at 307 733 4052 -- Detective Spence. This is an active criminal investigation and there is no statute of limitations for the crimes that occurred in Wyoming.  

In a second email, she added, "I can only investigate and file charges for the crimes committed here in Teton County Wyoming.  However, I will get any victim who comes forward connected to the right agency for the jurisdiction in which their crime occurred.  I can’t however promise they don’t have a statute of limitations as every state can be different.  But I will do what I can to help."

Call her. It's time. 

[You can read the story I reprinted from a Michigan newspaper about Bricker's background as a WWII recipient of the Silver Star, HERE. ]


Anonymous said...

Everything on this blog is consistent with the true-life story that is Bill Bricker.

Wartime heroism recognized by a Silver Star, Years of volunteer work in Scouts and Ski Club, and problems similar to a tiny fraction of catholic priests and Penn State football coach Sandusky.

I believe Bill is in his 90's, if he's still alive.

Mrs. L said...

He's still alive from what I understand. Yes, 90's.