Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Answer of the day

The answer of the day is: Pop Tarts. In fact, Mrs. Linklater believes that Pop Tarts are the answer to any question.  How did David Letterman father a child? Pop Tarts. Why did Digger Phelps pick Texas to win it all?  Pop Tarts. Why did we go to war in Iraq?  Pop Tarts.  Why do people eat over the sink?  Pop Tarts. What made me choose pictures of two college boys in drag?  Pop Tarts.

I was in a meeting this morning where they actually served Pop Tarts. I had never had one. So I tried the French Toast flavor. It tasted like French Toast. The syrup is inside, but it sits there and doesn't drip. I also tried the chocolate with those bright green pink and blue stars on top.  I would like to see if they glow under black light.

The experience got me to wondering about the sandwiches you could make with Pop Tarts.  Spread some Marshamallow Fluff and cherries in between. Or sliced bananas and peanut butter.  Cool whip and strawberries. Melted caramel and apple slices. I also wondered about mashed potatoes and peas, but got over it. What about Pop Tarts dipped in chocolate fondue? Or Pop Tart-Ka-Bobs? I smell Zantac. 








salemslot9 said...

two college boys in drag...
look like a couple of pop tarts :)

screaminremo303 said...

I just thought I would celebrate your J-Land anniversary by seeing what you were like before you got old and crotchety, and all I get is Pop Tarts? You were talking about the picture, right?