Wednesday, March 17, 2004

St. Patrick's Day

Today's answer is: Paris. And today's question is: Where were the pictures taken? Mrs. Linklater went to Paris for the first time with her younger daughter. The chandelier and beautiful stained glass [Picture No. One] are in the lobby of the beaux arts hotel they stayed in.  Her daughter went to France on business.  Mrs. Linklater tagged along. Her friend, Karen, invited them up to her Rue de Rivoli apartment [Picture No. Two]. She was a Givenchy model years ago. Now she sings Tom Waits songs in cozy French venues. Like Willie Nelson singing Frank Sinatra in reverse. Fancy address.  Fancier apartment. High ceilings.  Glorious details. Not a piece of formica in the place.  Or a dust bunny on the floor. Museum quality paintings abound -- all done by her friends. Mrs. Linklater's painter friends are doing woodwork and walls. They had some champagne and adjourned to a lovely restaurant, Market, for dinner. Karen is fluent in French. Mrs. Linklater's daughter gets by nicely.  Mrs. Linklater is totally pathetic. Three years in high school wasted. The next day the hotel bellboy found a cab with an English speaking driver to drive her around to all the notable places she'd only seen in pictures. The Eiffel Tower is enormous.  The Arc de Triomphe is enormous. The cobblestone street that surrounds the historic arch is fascinating.  In the US it would have been paved a century ago. The most elegant city Mrs. Linklater has ever seen. With creative cab drivers who will go up on the sidewalk on occasion. Been there. Done that. The third chandelier [Picture No. Three] was in the Paris hotel room. Mrs. Linklater even photographed the marble floor in the bathroom, the wonderful, intricately carved metal door handles, and the view from the eensy weensy terrace. Quelle tourist. 

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