Friday, March 19, 2004

Got My Epidural, Shirl

Today someone asked Mrs. Linklater -- have you ever had one of these before?  And the answer was no. "One of these" was a shot of cortisone into the epidural space. The occasion was an attempt to relieve the pain of stenosis, bone spurs and four bulging disks, L1 through L4, according to the MRI. The result of way too many sports and way too few replaceable body parts. Regular X-rays of L4 beg to differ with the MRI results, since there appears to be no evidence of any disk at that location, let alone anything that could bulge. Copies available upon request. This afternoon, sitting still while a trained professional was threading a needle through one of the little holes in my spinal column didn't feel all that bad. Except for the one incredible nano-zap that zoomed from my back to my right hip. But that one wouldn't even make my top ten most annoying experiences caused by the medical profession, which include -- wait a minute, don't want to go there, not enough room in this entry. By the way, I couldn't figure out how to celebrate St. Paddy's Day yesterday.  I don't drink.  I hate corned beef and cabbage.  And I fail to see a reason to own anything Kelly green. And the picture has nothing to do with this entry in case you're overthinking it.

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