Friday, April 16, 2004

The Apprentice Thing

The answer: Kwame.  The question:  Who was the only person in the universe with no clue that Omarosa, Miss Liar Liar Pants on Fire, would take him down?   

Mrs. Linklater watched The Apprentice last night, like everyone else who is fascinated by The Hairdo.

Early in the series, she loved watching the women's team kick butt, especially the advertising competition, her specialty. After the teams got integrated, she began rooting for Kwame and his smooth "hire good people, then get out of the way and let them do their jobs" style of leadership.

Up until Kwame picked Omarosa for his big chance to win it all.  Even worse, in a pre-emptive strike, he chose her early, ahead of Heidi, because, as he explained later, she had such a sensitive ego, she wouldn't do well being picked last.

Hello?!  This ain't Dr. Phil. It's business, not personal. Maybe it would have done her some good to be picked last. So, Kwam, ya blew it. 

Stunned by his choice of teammates, which she knew would determine the outcome, the prescient Mrs. Linklater changed the channel and started watching a re-run of Extreme Makeover, the Revenge of the Nerds show, occasionally switching over to the tape delay of the presidentially pre-empted American Idol, when things got too graphic.

Then it was back to the Nerds when LaToya, Fantasia, and Jennifer weren't singing.  Even so she'd still switch back to The Apprentice from time to time, knowing she would be watching a train wreck in progress. She was compelled to sneak a peak at Kwame's slow destruction by a woman who once thought the phrase, "calling the kettle black" was a racial slur.  

The upside was that Mrs. Linklater's Chicago homeboy, Bill, was going to take it all. But not because he won it. Because Kwame lost it before the competition even began with his fatal decision. 

Bill is an entrepreneur. He is edgy and crabby under pressure. Building that ninety story monster on the Chicago River is going to be nothing but pressure. I don't see him doing well long term with The Donald breathing down his neck. 

On the otherhand, Kwame understands corporate culture. He knows how to duck and weave through all the sniping. He's got the kind of personality that's already helped him do it successfully. He just never met anyone like Omarosa.  

Mrs. Linklater thinks that no one has ever met anyone quite like Omarosa.  And she hopes you never do.   

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