Saturday, May 15, 2004

Before and After

Answer: 34. Question:  Given the life you've lived so far -- you can't make any changes -- what age would you want to be? 

For today's contemplation of her navel, Mrs. Linklater has provided visual aids.

The first two photos are old pictures of Mrs. Linklater before she was Mrs. Linklater.  She was twenty-five.  [The photos were sent last week by her old boyfriend in picture 2; that's his brother in picture 1]

As people get older -- way older -- they tend to bring out old photos to prove that they really weren't so bad looking.  See, I could get a date! 

Mrs. Linklater is no exception. At the time the first two photos were taken, she didn't feel like either one of those shots was very flattering.

What was she thinking? Now she would kill to look like that. 

The third picture, for comparison, is the current Mrs. Linklater a couple of weeks ago. It's the best one of a whole bunch she took. The rest sucked. 

She pretty much never looks like that. Especially her hair. 

She attempted several times to get her whole body in the photo, but it wouldn't fit. Did we mention that Mrs. Linklater is now way over 50?

This photo trip down memory lane is to remind people that black tights, short skirts, big hair, women wearing ties, and false eyelashes are timeless expressions.

Everything old is new.

Low riders are just another incarnation of hip huggers. Flares = bell bottoms. Micros = minis. And Aqua Net has never changed.

The other thing is that it's easier to go blond when your hair starts to turn gray.








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sugarplum5757 said...

Right on!  I am now 65 years old, was a "Fox" for many years, and still look good for my age.  I have never had a weight problem, so that helps.  Good genes are what I attribute my looks to.

I have a picture of myself at age 35, all dressed up in a white sheath dress with log sleeves and 4 inch heels, ready to go to the company Christmas Party.  I placed it on my refrigerator as a reminder of how I used to look, which was damned good.   Then I tell myself to be thankful for what I've had and what I have now.

I would choose to go back to age 40 if I had a choice.   These were my best years professionally and personally.  My life has had it' ups and downs, as most people's lives go.   I've traveled, eaten & cooked great foods all over the U.S. and some foreign countries, had nice homes & furniture, great cars - The American Dream, and now as I fade into the sunset, I can't say I like getting older, but also know there is nothing one can do about that, so I an say I've had a great life - an Adventure, if you will!