Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Saturday Six -- Episode 16

Have fun. Do the Saturday Six yourself.  It's so easy, anybody can. Steal the questions from this entry.  I stole them from Patrick.  -- Mrs. L   Picture from Hometown

And we're back again with another edition of the Saturday Six...the 16th set of six.  And what would be more appropriate for the "Sweet 16" edition than a question about a nude beach?!?

For those of you who haven't played before...(and for those of you who like to hear the same thing week after week)...answer the questions here or put the answers in an entry on your journal...either way, just be sure to include the link to your journal in the comment [At Patricks' Place] so that we can all find you.  On Tuesday I [Patrick]will post a recap of the players with links so that you can see how your neighbors answered the same questions you're about to!  And it gives them the chance to visit your journal as well...possibly for the first time...a symbiotic relationship at its very best!  Enjoy!

1. Which do you most enjoy receiving from someone you know:  a telephone call, an E-mail, a handwritten letter, or a comment in your journal?

It depends on the someone I know. 

I like phone calls from my daughters best.  Hearing their voices is important. You can sense someone's true state of mind from the tone of their voice.  And there's nothing like the immediacy of a laugh in real time. Their letters, cards, and emails to me come in a close second. Hey, I'm a mom.

I'm a sucker for handwritten letters from men. Any kind of note -- thoughtful, smartass, funny, shocking -- as long as it's written by hand.  Oh, yeah, and the spelling is good.  I broke up with a guy once because he wrote me an impassioned letter and spelled "their" as "thier."  I had no idea it would be such a turnoff. Like a guy in his underwear wearing black socks.

Emails from anybody I DON'T work with are great.  Work is work, although some of the people I work with are good friends. When I open their emails there's a chance it won't be work related. So I cut them some slack.  My favorite emails come from old college friends, my immediate family and people I think of as family. And lately from other journalers.

I'm hopelessly hooked on comments.  They're my personal drug of choice. And, I confess - I am disappointed if there aren't any when I check my email or get alerts.   I never cease to be amazed that total strangers have stopped by to read and comment about something that I wrote.  Then, if I have time, I immediately track down their journals to see just who this person is.  And I'm so excited when I discover someone insane. [I mean this in a good way.]

2. You are invited to a nude beach.  You do not know any of the people who will be there, and it is certain that you will never see any of them ever again.  No one you know will find out you had gone unless you tell them.  Would you go?

Let me get to my answer the long way around. 

About ten years ago, one of my best girlfriends, a director of nursing at a large medical institution, introduced me to her new boyfriend, the surgeon.  They had been friends for several years, but now they were dating. This was the first time I had ever met him.  The two of them proceeded to show me photos of their recent trip to France.  I figured I have to sit through a bunch of cathedrals, cafes, and statues, so I braced myself.

Not even close. They first showed me a beautiful artistic photo of my friend, shot by the doctor, as she sat nude on the edge of a bathtub. Well, I said, clearing my throat, this is a lovely picture! Too bad you can't hang it anywhere.  <<nervous laughter>>

I was just getting over that photo when they pulled out the pictures from their side trip to the nude beach in Nice. Oh nice -- a nude beach in Nice. Soon they began showing me picture after picture of the two of them posing for the camera like tourists, arms around each other, clothing free.  With their pubic parts on public display.  I tried not to look, but the good doctor's penis looked like a banana wearing an afro. "Well look at that!" I said.

So the answer to would I go to a nude beach for any reason. No. Because I know I would definitely know one of the people; I am sure I would run into them again. And people ALWAYS talk.

On the other hand, skinny dipping in a mountain river -- yes.

3. Not counting work uniforms, what color do you wear most often?

Black. But I try to perk it up with bright red toenails and bleached blond hair.

4. What was the last movie you watched that you thought couldn't end soon enough?

XXX with Vin Diesel.  I went with some young collitch kids at the Joisey Shore last summer and I was ready to leave after the first ten minutes.  Was it because Vin looks vaguely like my ex-husband when he was bulked up after college? Yeah, probably.

I've only walked out of one movie in my entire life -- The Wedding by Robert Altman.  Altman was trying to satirize the lifestyles of the rich and decadent, but it wasn't funny.  All he had to do was play them straight.

5. What is the farthest you've ever called someone long distance?

I live in the Chicago area.

I call my daughter in London a lot. My other daughter in Wyoming is closer. I have an old college roomie who lives in Hawaii and we talk. Also a high school friend who lives in Paris.  I used to call Sydney, Australia when another friend was living there.  The fifteen hour difference always screwed me up.  I couldn't remember if it was noon or midnight there. Probably the farthest call was to me from my former Israeli boyfriend who used to check in from the beach in Tel Aviv.  That's why he is a former boyfriend.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #14 from From NZforME:  "If you were to get a personalized/vanity license plate, what would it say?"

When I was married, my husband had a vanity plate: WJL, his initials.  I think he got it with a "contribution" to someone's campaign fund. I had a vanity plate with six numbers -- my birthdate. I got it for the regular license fee. Only I knew what the numbers meant. If I got a real vanity plate, it would probably be Linkl8r.  But I don't think you can mix numbers and letters like that in Illinois. When I had an Audi, I wanted to get "U AUDI B U". How personal growth of me.


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greyhoundloner03 said...

And I'm so excited when I discover someone insane

>>>this is why I love ya' like I do>>>>   LOLL


ann7inflorida said...

Love your answers! LMAO @ The nice in Nice comment & Piss my pants laughing at the banana with an afro comment!!! You are too much Mrs. L.  Have a great Sunday ~Ann : )

lamove04 said...

I'm guessing that the doctor was into Nice Nude Beaches b/c he had a banana and not a grape.  

So you're happy when you discover a journaler who is "insane"?  Hmmm, I feel so full of self-esteem all of a sudden!   --Albert

armandt said...

This gratuitous comment entered to ensure you have at least one next time you check.  

Or was it "Czech?"

cneinhorn said...

Since you LOVE comments, thought I'd leave you two, played this
little game also, and we share the same taste in clothing colors......right
down to the polish and hair, LOL ;-)  
you are too funny, will be back to visit soon


jevanslink said...

Thank you thank you for your comments.  Mrs. L