Wednesday, September 22, 2004

And the Winner Is --

Mrs. Linklater just copied this entry from Judithheartsong's journal so you can all enjoy the essays that competed in her recent contest -- Subject: How Art Has Influenced My Life.  

Watch for the next contest in the middle of October.

Ancidkb47  was declared the winner by the judges. She gets one of Judi's beautiful paintings of the AOL torch she created for the First Anniversary.

Belfastcowboy75  won honorable, and well deserved, mention.  

Slomotionlife created the wonderful logo for the award.  


Picture from Hometown

Well, the illustrious panel of judges have read all the entries, and the results are in. I must say that every entry in the Artsy Essay contest was well-written and spoke from the heart. Each entry provided a glimpse into the psyche of the writer, and I stand in awe of the talent of expression in this land. You all have my profound thanks for your candor and the beauty of your writings.

A brief overview of the entries:

Luckyismle ~ shares the release she has found in capturing her thoughts and feelings in the written word and drawings.

Stacy1tbkl ~ talks about the art that captures her and makes an imprint on her mind and heart forever.

Anmyatt ~ from her minimalist period at the age of three, to her passion for art as an adult.

Dymphna103 ~ sharesa museum date, a proposal, and two beautiful daughters that resulted.

Ancidkb47 ~ posed for an artist and shares the insight gained from seeing herself for the first time as the artist saw her.

Beethatway ~ learned about tools and techniques, but more importantly she learned about expression, perception, and appreciation.

Barbaramck ~ was constantly singing, coloring, and exploring as a child..... and creativity is still a big part of her life today.

Kristeenaelise ~ comes from a family of artists, is herself an artist, and inspires her children creatively.

Sistercdr ~ art gives her a sense of hope, and her "most personally resonant image of God/dess is that of an artist, the Great Creator."

Rhondashkfree ~ started out making snakes out of her s'es as a child, and says that the appreciation for art will always stay in her heart.

Deveil ~ created images that told a story and discovered that "art is the illumination of life in collaboration with the creative spirit."

Jadzia ~ ran with scissors and explores the profound effect that many types of art has had on her life.

Sanforized6 ~reminisces about the art of everyday life.

Jevanslink ~ art knocked and knocked, and finally got a foot in the door.... and forever changed the way she sees the world.

Belfastcowboy75 ~ met a fabulous artist over a game of basketball, and this encounter led him on a journey that continues still.

Merelyp ~ didn't color inside the lines, and shares a wonderful perspective.



judithheartsong said...

Thanks so much Mrs. L, this was so very nice of you!!!! hugs and happy Wednesday to you (I won't say 'hump' day as it could be totally miscontrued after that last entry!!) You'll have to let us know how many men you have to block when this is all said and done.
Hang in there!!

sharkie412 said...

I saw this on her blog....she got a lot of people involved in a great essay contest invlving art. Wonderful of you to include the results as well Mrs. L.

belfastcowboy75 said...

Thank you for the kind words. I enjoyed your essay a great deal.