Tuesday, October 5, 2004


I had a six degrees of Kevin Bacon moment returning from LA. Actually, it was a one degree of Patti Bright.

On the way to the airport, I shared the shuttle with a young woman who, like me, was catching a redeye. We were picked up at two different hotels.

She was returning to law school at Notre Dame after spending the day interviewing and being wined and dined by a number of people at a couple of LA law firms.  It turned out one of my brothers had worked at one of the firms, not once, but two different times in other cities. I also have family members who attended Notre Dame.

I thought those were two mildly interesting coincidences. Not earthshaking, but unexpected.

We drove in silence for awhile until I started having trouble with my cell phone. Service would drop like a stone in certain parts of LA and I asked if she was experiencing similar problems.  She asked where I had been having the most trouble.  Most of the time with friends up in the hills surrounding Malibu. 

She knew the area, having graduated from Pepperdine.  I said I was just there for a memorial service.

For who?  Patti Bright.

Patti Bright?! She taught me PE three years ago.  She's dead?!  I can't believe it. How old was she?  I had no idea.

So I told her everything that happened.

Just wanted to share that before I get some shuteye after the redeye.






kissofvanity said...

Stuff like that is soooo interesting to me.  Sometimes when things like that happen, i wonder if things are written.  

This past  August when my friend, Bubba, flew to Alaska, the person who was assigned the seat next to her on the plane was my sister's therapist (Bubba's partner).

And when my sister was in the Army, stationed in Germany she met a man, who after talking for a few minutes, learned that they were born on the same day, in the same year, in the same HOSPITAL--O'Conner Hospital, San Jose CA, July 4, 1960!!  Total blowminder, this thing called life.

Ana  ((0.~))

judithheartsong said...

Glad you are home.... isn't it amazing what happens in our lives and how very small the world can be? judi

cneinhorn said...

sounds like a little synchronicity in action to me!

quroboros said...

You just gotta wonder about such things when they happen.  Synchronicity is just a hint that there's way more going on in the universe than we're ready to fathom.  Someday we'll get a decent explanation for all this stuff.  ¤Holly