Monday, May 2, 2005

Politically Correct or Pure Cockamammy

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It may have taken awhile, but I think we have all learned to be more sensitive to the diversity in our culture.  We may stumble from time to time, but for the most part we try to embrace our brothers and sisters no matter what their ethnicity, religion, or country of origin.

You start by enjoying the food. I think Canadian bacon was my first foray into another country's cuisine.  Then came pizza.  Being a White Anglo Saxon Protestant [WASP] meant I was diversity challenged from birth. So there was much for me to learn.  But food is a great way to start.  Although nobody is doing a cookbook on the art of boiling everything, which is at the heart of my bland, hugless heritage.

Clearly, I still have miles to go. But there is one part about being American that I do get. From ethnic groups to the disabled, protecting the rights of minorites has been at the core of our success as a country. 

But once in awhile, I wonder if we don't get a little carried away. You know, just a teensy weensy.

I was at my drive up ATM machine over the weekend. The one you access by driving up in a car.  Did I mention that you need a car to use it?  

All of a sudden I noticed something I had never noticed before. 

I realized that all the buttons you have to push have braille letters stamped on them.

Did I mention this was a drive up ATM? 

From the numbers you punch to enter your PIN to the selections you can make during your transaction, which asks you questions you READ on a screen -- all those buttons could be read in braille.

So just in case you can no longer see, but you're still driving your car around town, you can continue to use the drive up ATM machine to withdraw cash, using the convenient braille letters to make your selections.

No doubt a huge help on the way to your job as a major league umpire.


suzypwr said...

I have noticed those too - I figure there is some law involved that requires them....xoxo

robbush6 said...

They drive up, but make sure their disability sticker is prominently displayed in case there is any doubt. Yes, they can punch in the correct numbers, but how can they, the visually challenged among us, know which key to press when the screen says, "Press here => for withdrawls from checking, here => from savings, or here => for fast cash?

Cockamamie. That's another word that always looks wrong in print.

plittle said...

This is one of the most common "funnies" currently floating around the internet. The explanation is pretty simple. First for the braille: a blind person can have a sighted person read the instructions off the screen for them, but can still privately punch in their PIN. As for the drive up thing; you don't honestly think that the company that makes ATMs needs to make a different keypad just for the few drive up ones they make, do you? I know, I'm being a pedantic jerk. I'll go now.

jevanslink said...

Hey, Paul, check out the next entry.  Mrs. Linklater now knows WAY TOO MUCH about drive up ATM's and braille.  

kissofvanity said...

Hmmmmm yes....i have always wondered about those myself.

Ana  ((0.~))

screaminremo303 said...

Nothing is funnier than watching the looks on peoples faces when you lead your handcuffed prisoner to the ATM and let him make a withdrawal to post bond.

Fun is where you find it.

somenuttychic said...