Friday, February 3, 2006

Antonio Davis' Wife Charged with Coffee Tossing Rage

Basketball fans may remember Kendra Davis, the wife of Antonio Davis, the former Raptors' and Bulls' player now with the Knicks. He got a five game suspension, a slap on the wrist according to some, for running into the stands to protect Kendra from a fan during a Bulls' game.

At least he said he ran up there to protect HER.

Well, Kendra just got charged with a road rage traffic altercation yesterday outside Chicago. Last fall, it is alleged, she ran a stop sign and during the ensuing "discussion" about the incident, she threw a cup of hot coffee through the driver's side window of the other woman's car. 

Kendra claims the woman made a racist remark.

The woman didn't decide to report Kendra until she watched what went down between Mrs. Davis and a fan at the Bulls' game a few weeks ago.

Apparently an arrest warrant went out for Mrs. Davis yesterday when she couldn't be bothered to turn herself in.


Ten years ago there was an $8000 judgment against  Kendra for something else traffic related. She neglected to pay it, so for the past few years she has been driving on a suspended license. They got her for that now, too.

In a comment forum following the recent Bulls' incident, a Raptors' fan claimed that Mrs. Davis sat behind him in the stands berating players of the opposing team for most of the game, when Antonio played in Toronto. Her behavior was so bad that her husband turned around and mouthed something to the effect of, "SHUT THE HECK UP" as she continued to heckle the players from her seat when one was about to make a free throw.

That's why when the Bulls' incident went down, there is a real possibility that Antonio may have been climbing into the stands to protect the fan from Kendra.

Stay tuned for more reports from The Bitch Patrol.


screaminremo303 said...

Trash is trash.

sunnyside46 said...

wouldnt' you hate to get that bent out of shape about stuff

sdoscher458 said...

Maybe she should be the one playing....Sandi

jayveeconcerto said...

Sounds like Kendra is from West Texas! Naw, we West Texans aren't that polite......

psychfun said...

Why is the man still with her if she is that much grief? Dang he should of let her mouth off & if she punch some guy landed herself in jail! If I was a guy I'd just laugh & let her self-destruct!