Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Last Saturday's Six

From your front door: 

1. What is the color of the first vehicle you spot?

Silver.  It's a Nissan sedan.  It isn't mine.  If I were to go out my back door, I could see my black Jeep. Out my front door, I see a Nissan that belongs to my neighbor across the street.

2. Is this the last vehicle you drove? If not, does this car belong to you or someone in your home?

As I said in question one, it belongs to my neighbor across the street who has a double driveway with no cars parked in it, but always parks his car on my side of the street, in front of MY parkway.  For some reason he can't park in front of his own house or use his driveway.

Lately I've noticed one of those storage things outside his house.  His wife and his wife's car and their kids haven't been there.  Wonder if they're getting divorced.  Hmmm.  I've been working some nasty hours, so I could have missed something.

3. What kind of tree is closest to your front door?

Next to the two giant elm trees that shaded my back yard until Dutch Elm disease took them, it's my favorite tree -- a four story evergreen.  A sugar maple I planted from a one foot seedling fifteen years ago is over three stories high this year.  But that's in my backyard.  There's a couple of weeds out front I ought to pull up.  They're almost up to my front door.    

4. What's the weather like at the time you answer these questions? Did you feel any dramatic change of temperature or humidity as you stepped outside of your home?

It's sixty five degrees. It feels the same inside as out.  Perfect weather for me. 

5. Of your immediate neighbors -- those whose homes you can see from your front door -- how many of them do you know by name?

Seven. We have a block party every year so I get to see their nametags and remember who they are. Four of them have been here longer than I have.  One of them was in my class in high school.  Another was married to an alcoholic who used to shoot his .357 magnum through the living room ceiling.  She traded that hubby for a better model about fifteen years ago. After I had a few midnight calls at my door when she and her kids were trying to escape from Mr. Shootemup. 

6. How many of those do you speak to when you see them? 

All of them. If I don't speak, I wave. They wave. We all wave. Their kids call me by my first name. I can't get them to say Mrs. Linklater -- they just stare at me.


mombzbe said...

I can imagine the small fry not being able to tackle the "L' sounds in your name.  Like a natural tongue-twister for the toddler set.
I'm waving... :)

dpoem said...

I used to have a HUGE pine tree in my front yard, but it was blasted by lightning so many times over the past several years, that I had to eventually remove it.


sunnyside46 said...

I have always lived places where the neighbors doors were rarely knocked on...we just barged right in, as they did at our house. this place where we live now is weird, people act like you are trying to sell them soemthing if you speak. I am only acquainted with the dogs.