Friday, June 15, 2007

Tough Week

When I was married, the weekdays were easy to manage, it was the weekends that seemed hectic.  When I got divorced I noticed that by comparison, the weekends, which hadn't really changed, now seemed easy by comparison with the weekdays, which were suddenly nutso.

The first change was less sleep. Instead of rolling out of bed at 8:00 AM, I was getting up at 6:00 AM. Instead of waking up the kids in a leisurely fashion and enjoying breakfast, I was doing a load of wash first, then getting the kids up, handing them something that passed for food while I made their lunches with anything edible I found in the fridge. Instead of making play doh hair with the garlic press or watching caterpillars inch across the sidewalk until it was time to go to school,  I was now loading everybody up to carpool, then get to the train on time. Now that I had a job, instead of doing mom things like pressing flowers in books and crocheting doll blankets, I was nine to fiving it until six, and getting home barely in time to carpool again for dance class or something at school. I no longer read the paper for dinner and dessert recipes, I defrosted dinner and bought Oreos, or we went to Mickey D's. Instead of reading books and asking how their day was, I did more wash, painted the shutters, or mowed the lawn, and said goodnight to my kids on the way to brush my teeth and fall into bed.

These days my idea of a tough week is getting up. Actually, I can manage getting up, as long as I set the alarm a half hour early. Or start making phone calls while I'm still lying in bed. Going to work isn't too bad, since I do a lot of work from home on my computer after the half hour it takes to roll out of bed. It's the getting dressed that's tough these days. After sitting around like I am now in a state of dress that could only be described as well, undressed, clothing seems like such a complete waste of time.

Especially this week, when I had to be at a client five days in a row. Usually two days is all I have to deal with. But having to come up with five different outfits means clean underwear, showers, stuff like that. 

And now after five days in a row of wearing clothes, I have to do wash. Or I could just get the big spray bottle of Febreze and fake it.


thisismary said...

I still can't believe that your dry cleaning remains on your door.  Way to go Mrs. L.!  Although, it does go a long way in explaining why getting dressed is difficult for you these days.

psychfun said...

Could be could be teaching where you see your students all the time & they know if you wear the same thing twice in one week. At least we don't have to worry like teenagers that we have the "right" clothes on etc. I say wear what you want! Heck if Erin Brockovich can get away with it you certainly can! HA!

I know I had off for 3 weeks & was more busy & didn't get much done I wanted to. Even now I am just teaching T&TH & still my list of things I planned on doing during my summer is not really getting checked off very fast.

Hey are your clients men? By green & blue & just keep wearing them & tell them they are color blind & it is really another color! HA! And clean underwear...well generally I'm for that but heck you know what Bill Cosby says about that! HA!

screaminremo303 said...

That's why men use the adult version of Garanimals clothing. White shirt, blue slacks, red tie. Underwear is always optional.

psych: I think that Erin chick had something else working for her. Are you offering to share your secrets?

ladeeoftheworld said...

This morning I had a diet Mountain Dew in addition to my usual pot of coffee thinking, now I will truly be motivated, organized.........

Thank Heavens my underwear was laid out the night before.

gaboatman said...

Mrs. L
As we age, these issues just keep getting tougher.  Especially the clean under wear.